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House Phirien

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Aug 12, 2020
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Noble House Application

Main Family Culture: Northern

Family Surname: Phirien

House History

House Phirien was born from a prideful collection of northern clans that developed around the end of the Great Death. These clans existed in the Shattered Coast; their intent was to excel in combat and to re-strengthen the battered north. This foundation of the clans hatched the new tradition for young members to venture to other noteworthy settlements within the north and adopt the various combat styles to return with. For warriors in particular, this often meant joining the guard of these foreign settlements to later pass their knowledge back to the clans. By doing so, this guarantees the renewal of tactic, discipline, and expertise. It’s both clever, efficient, and true to the familial lifestyle of the North. Otherwise, many members of the clans may approach travelers with hostility, preferring the easy way around by mugging and murder. Foreign but familiar, northern teachers of the outside do the training of these clan members. From this, the clan’s progenies are the ones who benefit the most. Although these clans primarily focus on combat, the call for iron had absorbed their attention to a greater degree. The bandit encampments scattered about the north have devastated the average northerner, making the need for weaponry great. Those who would have assumed warrior apprenticeship in other northern territories will now do so for smithing. This however created a problem in the clans.

The clans had already become obsessed with the ideology of warriors’ honor. To be honorable was to fight and to be truly reliable in battle. Because of this, a simple gap was created, needing to be filled by those of other, “less-honorable” roles. The most successful of the clans was led by a man named Gavriil Phirien, a fierce and renown fighter who often ignored the new obsession with warriorship and instead focused on the traditional need for all necessities. He raised his clan and family to know honor to be in the least of the glorious work - or the necessary work that nobody wanted to take up. For them, this did not mean to shake off the tradition to venture out and learn the different skills of combat, but it did ensure that other trades would be evenly sought after as well.

Furthermore, Gavriil did not intend for his reputation to be stained with petty politics birthed from squabbles regarding what defines honor. His clan had grown, and an anxiety plagued them. In the past, once clans grew to be of a larger size, they’d expect to starve, grow sick, and die out from mismanagement. There would be more inexperienced hands doing the trading as well as more mouths to feed. Many times, this is where a clan would split into two in order to regulate themselves more effectively. Gavriil however took the risk. He saw potential in having more numbers and wanted to revive the success of past northern nations by assigning management roles and regulating trade. To learn the skill to it’s fullest, Gavriil Phirien traveled south to Elswhine. This would be the first time a significant northerner of these clans had gone outside of the north to bring back a skill, and not every clan was pleased.

Around 1000 A.T., these clans began to divide. Gavriil Phirien quickly grew to become a political figure for the clans, as many came to dislike him. They would begin accusing him of the destruction of the Northern tradition. Infuriated, he accepted the challenge, and the clans went on to battle. Those who believed Gavriil to have restored the livelihood of the shattered coast joined him. It was an easy series of battles and victory was never so certain. His clever tactic was one found outside of the north, though he adapted it to involve the use of Lunebugs on their defenses- a petty means of an end for a people who held a petty grudge. He and his family became well-known, and their clan remained as it had been until 1018 A.T., when Gavriil was found assassinated along with twelve of his direct family. The culprit was no following of bandits but was distastefully those of the defeated clans who still sought revenge. The clan had begun to panic as most potential heirs had been killed. The clan would start to split as operations began to dismantle.

Following the events of Gavriil’s demise, there would resume talk that one of his sons had been learning combat foreign. More importantly, there was talk that he was still alive to do so. Kiev Phirien was one of the only known, remaining heirs to the clan. He would quickly end his guardship training within Skyreach upon Count Jagar Tharnfire's invitation to take lead of the Shattered Coast as count.


Patriarch or Matriarch:

Kiev Phirien

Head of Household’s Minecraft Username:


Head of Household’s Discord Username:
Kiev #7427

Family Members

Kiev Phirien [Kiev_WR]



House Banner

House artifacts, coat of arms etc.

[Official Document, written and signed by Count Jagar Tharnfire, signed by Kiev Phirien]
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Congratulations! Your noble house has been approved.

It is now part of the official server canon.

You can now apply for a nation and control land.
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