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House Tharnfire

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Adam / Byrne
Jul 19, 2020
California, United States
Main Family Culture
(Must be an accepted culture from the server lore):

Family Surname:

House History
(Please include at least two to four paragraphs of the history of the house, the date of its official founding or recognition, and any significant events leading up to the current date. Also explain how and why the family is elevated to the rank of nobility. Using pictures and font styles for extra dramatic effect is also encouraged):

Jagar Tharnfire is the first of his name. He was a native northerner who learned his politics from the best in oseria. He has been granted the title of noblemen from Lord Haradaeir Vingaria. Jagar has been ruling windmere for many a years now under Lord Haradaeirs rule. He has proven himself very worthy of his role and is looking forward to working with Averlash in the future.

Jagar Tharnfire was born with no last name, as a peasent, on the northern coast. He went to oseria as a teen to learn politics and intrigue. His teacher gave him the last name of "Tharnfire", only to die a year later. Then the plague hit and shattered him and sent him up north after 20 years. Then he found solice and friendship and prosperity among the Vingaria family as a steward, he helped sell housing in both windmere and Valdarr for the Fintons. He is now working with Averlash to pay unpayed debts and raise up other settlments to bring peace and prosperity to the great nation.

Patriarch or Matriarch (leading house member when applying) character name, (and a backstory if you wish)
This character and OOC person will be officially in charge of the house in game and OOC until the power is handed down to another member of the dynasty:
Jagar Tharnfire, backstory was submitted privately

Head of Household’s Minecraft Username: Old_Jagar

Head of Household’s Discord Username: Adam/Byrne#0780

Family Members
Include minecraft usernames and character names of each living character. Keep the list updated for each character to be canon (also include any character not controlled by players). We have set a max limit of 5 noble characters being played per house at any given point. This is to not overflood the server with noble characters:


House Banner
Please include a description or a picture if you wish:


(Optional) House artifacts, coat of arms etc
If you wish describe any artifacts, a breakdown of the coat of arms or even any unique quirks individual to the family:

Link Area
Use this space to add any links to any family documents which will be updated regularly such as a family tree or any historical accounts of lore:
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Icy Girl
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Sep 27, 2015
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Congratulations! Your noble house has been approved.

Your house is now part of the official server canon.

You can now apply for a nation.
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