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-=House Thurnblood=-


May 20, 2020


-=General Facts=-

Main Family Culture: Oserian/The Holy Crimson Guide

Family Surname: Thurnblood

-=House History=-

Dating back to 684 AT the Thurnblood family has had deep roots in secret Oserian encampments. These encampments for centuries have followed the ritualist ways of The Holy Crimson Guide. His people where xenophobic to an extreme; seeing fit that the people of their camps where the purest forms of his kind. For centuries the Thurnbloods held high noble positions within the camp caring, hunting, and healing the people.

Throughout the generations the Thurnblood’s raised their social status exponiotionaly, in later generations Thurnbloods were granted the rank of nobility to give reward to their unending service to the people. Graciously accepting they rose to their power and the deep rooted beliefs were set. Secrets where to be kept through out the years ones even some of their own blood where to never find out. These secrets would lead to a different future in the current generation.

Through their years they became masters of the hunt and medical trade; something that passed down to their children, and their children passed down to theirs. Something to be known was the new thoughts sprouting in the current generation of Thurnbloods; ideals set in stone that would change the aspects of The Crimson Guide beliefs forever. Gold was to be paid for in blood, fighting was a choice among the people, and to take what you know is yours.

Their duties were simple, caring for the people and teaching the young children of Qoaldir’s ways. When the time came to current date children the first son of the new generation Gauldis was to be the heir and holder of the noble title. The title he would take and start a new city in the name of his creator.

-=Family Traits/Info=-

Family Looks:
The Thurnbloods have very strong passed down looks, most if not all of the bloodline have wavy/straight dark brown to even black hair, deep brown to deep green eyes, and strong mesomorphic builds.

Born Hunters: A passed down trait is the teaching and easy learning for the ability to hunt, track, stalk, and slay a prey of the wilds.

Born Medics: A passed down trait is the teaching and easy learning of the ability to tend, fix, and heal wounds.

Secret Traits:

Patriarch or Matriarch:
Gauldis Thurnblood

Head of Household’s Minecraft Username: FizzyDrinks

Head of Household’s Discord Username: FizzyDrinks#2551

-=Family Members=-

Head of House

Gauldis: 26. Unmarried. (Alive) (FizzyDrinks)


Father (Dead)
Mother (Dead)


Marius: 18. Unmarried. (Alive) (Unclaimed)
Ameria: 24. Unmarried. (Alive) (Unclaimed)
Lilith: 21. Unmarried (Alive) (Unclaimed)
Wysteria: 26. Unmarried. (Alive) (Unclaimed)

House Banner

A black banner with silver leaf outcropping and the official Holy Crimson Guide symbol rested in the middle.



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