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Tale Of Banners

Aug 30, 2015
The Intrigue System

Here you can find information about all of the villainous acts available on the server, and the requirements and rules to commit them ingame. If you have created a character and wish to have them assessed for a villainous tier, then you must fill out a simple ‘Intrigue Application’ and post it in the ‘Intrigue Application’ sub-forum.

We ask players to create an intrigue application for each villainous character they bring to Tale of Banners. This is not only due to the high standard of roleplay required by villains, but also so the server’s moderators can track villainous characters. Characters who are accepted as a villain on the forums can be permanently killed in roleplay, making it fair for both parties.

Once you have gotten an intrigue tier granted by our application team, you may begin your villainous acts of terror upon the server. Don’t forget to add your intrigue tier to your character description ingame first.

Maintaining a high level of enjoyable roleplay is highly encouraged and rewarded for everyone who has been granted an intrigue tier. First of all it will make it easier for you to get a higher tier for your character, or granted a high tier on a later character more easily. Secondly your character will have an easier time if played smartly. If you get witnessed during your villainous acts you may accumulate bounty, which if high enough will probably result in your character being hunted down by bounty hunters and guards.

Players with Intrigue tiers are supposed to make fun roleplay for others, rather than focus on their own personal out of character gain. To make it equally fair on both sides: if your villain character is killed in RP combat you can no longer play them. If a player reports you for using a character which they have proof is dead in game it could lead to you being blacklisted from making further villainous characters.

Link to the intrigue application

How to gain extra tiers?
Once you begin your evil escapades, remember to keep up a high level of roleplay for all of your criminal acts. Keep evidence of your criminal acts as you play, and build up your reputation as a role player. Once you feel like you are eligible for a higher tier you can post a reply on your intrigue application with an updated biography for your character, and proof of your quality of roleplay (through screenshots and/or getting other role players on the server to vouch for you in the application).

Bounty system
Committing villainous acts will in some cases cause bounties to be placed on your head. These bounties can be placed by strangers witnessing your actions, victims escaping your grasp, or even the ruler of a nation if you are enough of a threat to his people. Anyone is allowed to take on the pursuit of a bounty, so playing a villain with a high bounty on its head can be both challenging and fun. The risk involved is that if your character is killed then that counts as a permanent kill. Therefore playing your character smartly can pay off, this means planning your villainous acts well and keeping witnesses to a minimum as an example. Bounties have to be updated regularly, so staying low after committing crimes can also be a viable option.

Tiers of Intrigue
The villainous acts are grouped into a total of six tiers, where the higher tiers inherits all of the acts of the lower tiers.

Commoner (Tier 0)
The common person of Esna. Everything in this tier is available to all players, without requiring an accepted intrigue application.
  1. Deceit
    1. The ability for your character to deceive other characters in roleplay.

  2. Impersonation
    1. With this your character is allowed to impersonate another player’s character.

  3. Interrogation
    1. This means you are allowed to interrogate other characters on the server for good or bad. Keep in mind you are not allowed to torture without tier 4.

  4. Bounty hunting
    1. This includes chasing bounties and posting bounties alike. Before posting a bounty, make sure the one you are posting it on actually has an accepted intrigue application.

  5. Conspiracy
    1. To hire an assassin or be complicit in the planning of another characters death.

  6. Fighting
    1. If roleplay leads up to the event of a fight, that is allowed by the common player. You cannot attack someone unprovoked without Tier 2, or Tier 4 for murder.

Scoundrel (Tier 1)
The scoundrel lurks the alleys and back streets of Esna, selling strange herbs and dipping their fingers into onlookers pockets.
  1. Pick Pocketing
    1. The ability to loot the pockets of another player’s character. This is simply done through roleplay, the (/roll 20) command is used to determine if the attempt is a success or failure (both players do the command and see which number is higher). The amount of money or items the player getting robbed wishes to hand over is completely up to their discretion.

  2. Sale of Illegal goods/Smuggling
    1. Required in order to sell goods that are considered illegal in the province they are being sold. This also includes the act of smuggling the goods from a province they are legal in and into another province which they are not.

Criminal (Tier 2)
The Criminal excels at theft. Burglary and piracy is their speciality. Criminals often make a living at what they do.
  1. Mugging / Assault
    1. In order to attack another player unprovoked (but not kill them, only knocking them out).

    2. In order to demand in-game currency and items from other players characters by threatening their characters safety you require Tier 2.

    3. A player who only has Tier 2 cannot murder someone that they have attacked if the person has yielded to the combat roleplay. Fights to the death are allowed in logical situations however.

  2. Burglary
    1. Required in order to steal large items such as statues or carts. When you wish to steal such an item from another player, it must be overseen by a Moderator by sending a mod request. The success or failure of the attempt is simply down to the roleplay that takes place.

    2. Keep in mind that burglary is not allowed against player homes inside of cities, as this is supposed to be the safest place for someone to store their belongings.

  3. Piracy
    1. The ability to board and raid another player’s ship. This includes docked ships. It is recommended that you send a modreq beforehand so that a Moderator can supervise the event and open locks or move the ship if required.

Deviant (Tier 3)
The deviant brings chaos to Esna, often for political gain. Arsonry, kidnapping and raiding are the deviants specialities
  1. Kidnapping/Slavery
    1. Required to kidnap, capture or enslave another players character in roleplay unprovoked. Roleplay of this kind is entirely up to both parties, if a player does not want to be held against their will they cannot be so under the official rules unless RP/PVP combat or is currently underway. If a player leaves as another player is engaged in combat-roleplay it can be classed as combat logging. (Torture also comes under combat roleplay).

  2. Inciting Disorder
    1. To organize villainous activity (a raid) in a group of players of five or more at least one player must have inciting disorder (Combat rule 4.).

    2. This also includes riots and violent protests, at least one player (the instigator) must have Tier 3.

Cutthroat (Tier 4)
The cutthroat is granted the ability to murder and torture out of cold blood. This means they will not require any particular reason for doing so, other than for personal gain.
  1. Murder
    1. Required to attack with the intent of murder or sacrifice of another player’s character in cold blood.

  2. Torture
    1. Necessary to initiate any roleplay considered torture by the party being physically or mentally harmed. (Torture falls under roleplay combat)

Psychopath (Tier 5)
The psychopath is a character of total chaos. Broken by nature or their past they are capable of the most unspeakable horrors.
  1. Insanity
    1. The psychopath is pretty much given free reign when it comes to criminal activities. Becoming a psychopath however is very difficult, as there will only be a maximum of 2-3 at any given time on the server due to the exceptionally high standard of roleplay required.
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