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Jolfdane Vintrholt


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Oct 31, 2020

Jolfdane Vintrholt

Personal Information
Full Name: Jolfdane Vintrholt
Alias/Nickname(s): None
Age: 26 (Born 989 A.T.)
Gender: Male
Culture: Northerner (Flintfolk)
Occupation: Woodcutter, Fisher

Height: 6ft.
Build: Robust
Complexion: Pale-tanned
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Style: Middle-split, combed down the sides
Hair Color: Brown
Distinguishing Features: None
▹Simple grey tunic set from his homeland
▹Chainmail uniform and helm forged by the Gundersons

Significant Inventory:
▹The Skullsplitter
▹Short Sword

Character Strengths:
▹Honorable (Seeks to fight venerably, shying away from underhanded tactics)
▹Compassionate (Cares about the thoughts and lives of others that he enjoys spending time with)
▹Humble (Prefers to live a simple lifestyle, willing to give away what he has in excess)

Character Weaknesses:
▹Illiterate (Not learned in reading or writing by any means)
▹Superstitious (Looks to his religion to translate certain events around him to have an understanding)
▹Stubborn (Slow to change and acceptance of foreign people and/or ideals)

Languages: Norvian

Goals & Accomplishments
Long-Term Goal:
▹Consider a business in the future
Short-Term Goal:
▹Deal with the Cult of The One [Ongoing]
Solve the mystery of the pirate map [Unresolved]
▹Become familiar with the people in Skyreach [Complete]
▹Help Torvald Gunderson recover [Ongoing]

▹Helped a Klifsteinn resident recover their memory
▹Fought against a pirate ship full of Sea-Raiders alongside others
▹Fought against a large Crawler alongside others
▹Aided in the rescue of Torvald Gunderson from the clutches of a Maniac
▹Defended Ludovic's Hold from a Bandit raid, slaying their Leader

Mylo Dannak - "The King of Averlash, he effectively rules much of the North, I'd imagine he'd want Flintswood to join the fold eventually. I know little of him personally, but he seems eager to tighten his hold on the land, considering the dangers we are plagued by daily. May he stand strong as the steel."
Torvald Gunderson - "A Warden, a protector of Skyreach that appeals to my concerns. We need to arm ourselves in body and mind for the madness that may come from the South, and my homeland I fear. He runs the forge, and shows his craft well by my axe as evidence. Sadly, he was captured recently by that damnable cult, littering our lands with clues of sickening, butchered cruelty. We saved him in the end, but his's as if they were turned to murky ice, I can't imagine what they did to him. I pray his faith remains strong."
Yatur - "Doesn't say much, which is fine by me, he's one of the taller ones around these parts. He's good for dealin' a scrap and havin' around when you need strength for a job, I hope the five treat him well for what he's done to help."

Adan Abdirahman - "Not sure what that southling does, but he's a good cook atleast. He was one of the first I spoke to when I arrived in the Midlands, along with his pal Cyrine. A little bit cheery but he's a decent fellow to have around, I wish him well."
Alurra-Magda L'var - "A sun-touched lass, I see her around usually behind the counter at our own drinkin' hole. She seems to put up with alot considering some of the lads around here enjoy a good scrap a little more than they should. I like givin' her what food I can spare to keep the place fed."
Vytautas Hayha - "First saw this southling scrap with Drake at the arena and took a loss from him, probably why he tends to call him a shit-guard, I don't care to argue. Think he's some mercenary or somthin' looking for Kura to earn. He speaks often of the death he brings to others, I wonder what Hedren would say. Either way, he seems capable to have at your side, as long as you're on his good one."
Drake Warner - "A guard for Skyreach, I see him around patrollin' the place, though most of our threats come from beyond the walls. He's a popular contender at the arena, which might explain his rivalries, he's somehow a lure for trouble and argument with the others. Either way, he'd be a good man to have as he hones his skills more."

Born into Flintswood, Jolfdane is the second-eldest of two other siblings. His family came to be when his Father, a young mercenary from the Midlands many years ago, decided to settle down within the region alongside his relatives in order to support them better through honest work in the shipping industry. Along the way, he found attraction with one of the locals, a farm-girl, eventually marrying her under a shrine dedicated to the Five Spirits, becoming his Wife and Jolfdane’s Mother.

In his younger years, Jolfdane grew up toiling in the fields alongside his Mother and younger Sister during the proper seasons, learning how to tend to and care for the land in order to eke out a decent living. Later in life as he grew stronger, he learned from his Father alongside his older Brother how to harvest lumber and process it for construction in the shipyard, gaining some understanding in shipping and trade over time as vessels passed by to interact with the market. Over time, he also learned some of the various Northerner teachings brought over by his Father, such as in-depth experiences with other Clans and the practices that they carried, such as the language and versions thereof, alongside practices demanding attention to appease the Five Great Spirits, should they feel their blessings and avoid their wrath as shown greatly in the past, often offering small game in the name of Vintas during the time of harvest. This led him to live modestly, spending his free days tending to his family, as well as those within the Jarldom seeking alms. Although intrigued greatly by his Father foretold exploits as a mercenary, he felt compelled to stay in his current lifestyle at first. However, as a consequence of the Great Second Blizzard, business had begun to decline as people slowly began to travel elsewhere to promote their businesses, diminishing the amount of work they could do yearly to earn their living as reasons to travel north were becoming less and less. Because of this, his siblings sought to travel elsewhere for work beyond the region, receiving little response from them nowadays about how they fare so far from Flintswood. As a commoner with very little to his name, he has felt the burden of carrying his family to success, he too has felt the pull of adventure throughout the North, to continue his life for his sake and the Gods above.
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Oct 31, 2020
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