Junica's Carpentry, Armory, and Livestock Goods


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Jun 8, 2020
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*On the board in Valdarr, a sign is posted with large letters at the top saying "Junica's Carpentry, Armory, and Livestock Goods". The text bellow is poorly written and appears to have been erased and rewritten several times.*
Junica's Carpentry, Armory, and Livestock Goods
Cheapest prices, highest qualities
If you find someone selling a good for cheaper we will match their price
All prices are negotiable

Carpentry Goods:
1: Building prices will be negotiated on an individual basis
2: Cobblestone, 2 Kuras per bundle (64)
3: Logs, 7 Kuras per bundle (64)
4: Brewing Set-Up, including a cauldron, a barrel, and a tutorial on how to brew if needed. 50 Kuras
Want something not on the list? Talk to me.

Armory Goods:
1: A full set of iron armor, 220 Kuras
2: Iron Ingot, 10 Kuras
3: Cauldron, 45 Kuras
4: Iron Swords, 18 Kuras
5: Iron Pickaxe, 27 Kuras
6: Iron Shovel, 10 Kuras
7: Arrows, 1 Kura for 2
8: Full leather armor, 20 Kuras
Want something that's not on the list? Talk to me

Livestock Goods
1: Live Cow, 15 Kuras
2: Live Sheep, 13 Kuras
3: Live Chicken, 7 Kuras
4: An egg, 1 Kura
5: Leather, 3 Kuras
6: Feathers, 3 Kuras

7: Cooked Chicken, 4 Kuras
8: Cooked Beef, 8 Kuras
9: Cooked Mutton, 6 Kuras
10: Wheat, 1 Kura for 8
11: Wheat Seeds, 3 Kuras per bundle (64)
Want something that's not on the list? Talk to me

OOC: do /bird Johntham, message me on discord (cody123nerf9 #2795) or talk to me in character. I have a tent and a house in Valdarr so more often than not I can be easily found there. The prices and items on this list are subject to change based on supply and demand.
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