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ACCEPTED Justmad's Second Intrigue Application

May 28, 2020
Minecraft name:


Character name: Asher Finton

Character history:
Please include a minimum of 3 detailed paragraphs containing build-up for villainous intent and early history of the character, from this players should be able to see why your character is like they are and what has caused them to do what they do.

Asher is a twin. His twin's name is Jasper. Their parents, Sigmund and Valkyrie, are northerners from the midlands who moved near Flintswood when their first child, Eir was born. They wanted to settle where they could be left alone and forgotten as they raised their child. However, with the plague still ravaging the world, this proved to be an impossibility. As Eir came down with The Great Death at twelve years of age, Valkyrie learned she now bore twins. Choosing the fates of both her husband and daughter, Valkyrie sent them off to find jobs in town to support the growing family. Unbeknownst to the family, with the plague killing the majority of the people around them, desperation was rising. After a month of this endless labor, Eir began to succumb to the Great Death. Her veins popping and skin started to calcify, she was confined to a bed for the remainder of her life. The day after Eir's burial, the twins were born into the curt-tails of these disasters. They spent their first few weeks crying for their mother, who was distraught with grief, but eventually came to their aid. There was one more disaster yet to occur. On his way home one night after laboring in some field all day, Sigmund was making his way home with what little coin he had made only to be jumped from behind by a man in a cloak. There was a slight altercation involving a blade that switched hands multiple times leaving both participants bloodied and dying. Sigmund dragged himself home, having outlived his assailant, and banged on the door. Valkyrie rushed over, cautious with opening the door at first until she saw her husband dead with his fist clutched around the coins outstretched towards her.

Unlike his brother, Asher was taller and even more fit. He grew up doing construction and farming, at age 12, to help provide for his family. At 16, his mom passed away from an unknown disease which forced Asher to find a more lucrative job. This would be the fighting ring that he would join just so he and his brother could afford shelter and food. This is where he learned to be an exceptional fighter and how to defend himself against all sorts of threats. One night, after leaving the hidden fighting ring in the middle of the woods, Asher stumbled upon an injured wolf. At first, he was poised to kill the beast for meat, but the look in its eyes was one of fear. It was just so... vulnerable. So, he chose to aid the creature. Upon bringing it home, both Asher and Jasper treated its wounds to help it heal. Soon, the she-wolf grew to be a part of their family, as if it was their mother's spirit watching over them. To respect where their parents' hailed from, they named her Bear, which was a rare beast that could be used for protection in the north. Every weekend, Asher, along with Jasper, goes to the empty graves of his sister and parents to place black roses, two to be precise, in memory of them.
Both brothers always pray to the spirit of Feynir to protect their family in the afterlife.

"I think it is time to move on from this wretched town. Bear can be our bodyguard out there, so we would be safe. With our skills, I think we'd be able to make it out there- and there can be a little excitement for once. You in?"
Says Jasper after catching Asher after a fighting match.
"Of course I'm in!" Asher replies as he catches his breath and wraps his knuckles. "When have you known me to back out from an adventure? Let's just go grab our gear and money from the house and leave at dawn."

Asher has kept many things a secret from his brother and those around him. Growing up he was known as a ring fighter in the local fighting ring, but what they didn't know was he also participated in an underground one in another town, until one night Asher snapped. He was warming up in the ring and preparing to fight and his opponent was the 'champion' of the underground events. Once the fight started Asher was off to a slow start and he was being beaten to a pulp. It was about 10 minutes into the fight and looking like Asher was going to lose. "Your dad's a coward and should've been slaughtered even worse than he was!" a bystander called out to him. Hearing this Asher snapped. All his thoughts escaped his head except for one. "Kill him". With this thought on repeat Asher brought the man to the ground and began to pound into the man's face. It took several people and his opponent to take him off of the man, but by then it was too late. The man's face was unrecognizable and the snow bleached red. Asher shook the group of people off of him, grabbed his things, and left town.

It was a couple of months later that they saw Asher again. Although this time he was with a group of outsiders and locals. He was told that the local chieftain was not abiding by the five and treating the villagers like they were pieces of ox crap. They approached the town square to meet the chieftain. "It is time for a new generation of Northern Men to take power in this town. For far too long you have to go against the traditions and it is time to step down" Asher yelled out to the man.

"This is where you're wrong you peasant boy. I have all the power in this town and I can have you all killed by snapping my fingers". the chieftain snarled back at Asher and his group. Hearing this Asher realized this would not end the way he wanted it to and so he whistled. The second the whistle ended Asher and his band of warriors charged the chieftain and his guards. The battle lasted hours and Asher took a cut to his face, but eventually, he made his way to the chieftain and forced him onto his knees. "It is time for the world to see change. It is time for the next generation to take power. It is time for the North to rise again!" he yelled out to the cheering crowd as he held the man's head into the air.

Characters personal strengths and weaknesses:
Well rounded character balance is a big part of being an enjoyable villainous character. (I.e equal strengths and weaknesses)

Strength: Melee Combat, Can read and write, Strategizing, Hunting, Survival, Animal Handling, Physical strength

Weakness: Range, Stealth, Uncharismatic, Distrustful, Anger Outbursts

What tier of intrigue are you hoping to achieve for your character, and why does your character deserve that tier?
Please list each tier and a short explanation of why you feel your character has developed some of the attributes found within the tiers.

Tier 4- Asher can be seen with the murdering attribute of this tier. He murdered the bystander even though it wasn't his opponent and murdered the town's local chieftain in front of the crowd by decapitating the man's head. He also threatened to rip off Augusto's head if he kept insulting the group he was with. (Him and Micheal Thornsby can confirm)

Tier 3- Asher can be seen with the inciting order attribute of this tier. This is seen when Asher and his group of outsiders/locals fought against the chieftain so they could make a change on how the town is ruled.

Tier 2- Asher tried to push Augusto down a mountain for insulting him and Jasper. They then preceded to protect him from wolves. Upon reaching Valdarr he demanded payment from Augusto or he would throw him off a mountain again.

Tier 1- He would achieve tier 1 because he smuggled with his brother and has pick-pocketed to help them survive.

In what way do you believe you can contribute to the server’s roleplay by getting an accepted Intrigue application?
(Only include this if this is your first time making an intrigue application.)

I can contribute to the server's roleplay if accepted because even though Asher has dabbled in illegal trades, he has given most of it to the poor and to help him and his brother survive.

Also when he snaps everyone around him is in danger because his mind goes black and he goes on a rampage. He is usually on the side of the people and is always willing to help them. Although he will do this through any means necessary. This includes murder, inciting order, or assault.

Do you understand that villainous roleplay on the server is taken very seriously, as it comes with a lot of power? And do you understand that doing things your character is not allowed to do may lead to you getting blacklisted from making further villainous characters?

Yes, I understand that villainous roleplay comes with a lot of power and take it very seriously myself. I also understand doing something not allowed can get me blacklisted from making further villainous characters.

Do you also agree to your villainous character permanently dying if killed through roleplay?

I do agree because this is how I would do it anyway.

(Only applicable for intrigue tier 2 or above, if you’re just applying for tier 1 do not include this)

Additional information:
This section can be used for additional information about the application, if necessary.

Asher can be seen as more of Anti-hero because of his morals and how he approaches performing illegal acts. Although there are times where he can be seen as a villain because of how over the top he goes.


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Sep 21, 2017
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Congratulations! Your intrigue application has been approved.

You have been accepted for Tiers 1-4.

You have clearly shown good character development and reasoning for your characters actions, your character now has the ability to kill in cold blood.

Remember to hide your face and be careful out there!