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kal's fancy 'hi its ame"


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Oct 8, 2019
South Africa

Blah that's boring.

anywayys, hi. my name is kal - and I live in South Africa? My heritage stems from Polynesian roots on my sperm donor's side and on the egg slave contains Dutch/whatever-white-places-i-guess blood. i was raised, however, by my indian step father and said egg slave. later on, blah blah, me egg slave got a new man and shipped us off to a farm in the middle of nowhere, along with our 20 fucking cats. (no hate, I adore my cats, but sometimes there is a limit that should be mentioned.)

this is where my most prized memories appear, because i started my glorious army of wiggling, wobbly meat sacs on this farm. while i held a lot of deaths of those unsavable, I managed to raise 6 orphaned/rejected lambs into big, hormonal fucks. 1 ewe and 5 rams during mating season - it's horrid, i tell you.

aside from my lambs, we had three calves and even a horse! well, pony. she was so tiny. we rescued her once she was stolen from the farm, and thus just kept her since my step father was the security.

but, sadly, all good things come to an end. we moved away from the company and my army of meat sacs, and thus im now in a tiny, really depressing town being homeschooled. yay.

thats it on basic background for me, but aside from that, i love animals, rock and metal music, and i practice the piano because why not, amirite?

anyways, i hope you have a good day!