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ACCEPTED Kiev_WR's Moderator Application


Staff member
Aug 12, 2020
United States [CST]
Minecraft Name
- Kiev_WR

Discord Name
- Kiev #7427

- 22

- Central Daylight Time [CST]

How often and how long can you be online and spare time for moderating?

- Every other day [Minimum, unless stated before a long absence. More likely I'll be online every day] and 3 hours each day minimum [Still far more likely around 5-6 hours each day]. If I'm going to be absent for a while I'll let the rest of staff know beforehand.

Have you understood the basics of this team and the requirements of being in it?
- Yes.

Do you have any past experiences moderating any forums or servers?

- Yes. I've been Community Rep, moderator, admin, and server owner before (mostly on small friend-only servers though!). When I was community rep, it was for a larger more well-known server and my role functioned similarly to that of a moderator, except I would only carry players' problems/suggestions to the regular moderators to help them out and save them time. Other than that, I've been moderator/admin on many, much, much smaller scale servers that closed and reopened fresh numerous times to experiment different roleplay themes and bring in a variety of different players. They were all run by the same team however, so it could still be considered one server if not taken literally. Each time the server started fresh, there'd be a new server name that carried the same community and staff team (usually the name of the main RP location). I'm unsure if any of the server titles still exist idly on server listings now since the servers came to their end. Either way, I wouldn't say these servers were near as professional and were more for light, small-scale roleplays.
Outside of Minecraft moderation, I did moderate a few chatrooms and forums designed for written roleplay while other sections were designed for OOC topics. Though, I was much younger then (probably about 14-15 years old) and worked under supervision of the owner because of my age. Still, it helped me learn quite a bit about forum design, the proper way to get along with the team, and how to handle ill behavior.

If a person breaks the rules, what would be your procedure?

- First, I'd find the rule they've broken and discuss it with them. If it's something minor, (say they're new, and didn't know the difference between a player's chest and a loot chest yet), it might only require a small, light-hearted discussion and then some apologies and returning of items. If it's bullying or harassing between players though, I'd discuss the issue with both parties, being optimistic for both cases. I think it's very important to listen to a player's complete story before drawing any conclusions. Then, I would try to find any misunderstandings or miscommunications between them if there are any, and then encourage them to reevaluate what went wrong and return to peace.

If there is a case where a rule is broken and I'm unsure on how to tackle it (and after I've tried everything I can do alone), I'll go to the other moderators for input or a higher staff member if need be. Some issues are simply better taken care of with some teamwork or diverse experience, and I'm also more than happy to help other staff members as well when it's within my power.

On previous servers, there have actually been cases where certain players told me that they understood full well that they were harassing a player and simply didn't care, because they didn't like the player by personality. I was surprised they were so honest, but still believe that to be unacceptable. If something like this happens on TOB that isn't peaceably resolvable, then I'd warn them (or ban right off the bat and let staff know, if it's extremely threatening such as doxing.) and record it. If it is a big enough issue, I may discuss it with other staff to gain some second opinions or insight.

No matter what rule is being broken however, I want to make sure I'm following the rules that staff are under when dealing with these things as well. I know I should avoid overstepping my boundaries. Likewise, although I don't like banning players (since they are essentially what makes a roleplay community successful and add beautiful diversity!) I'm not afraid to ban even good friends of mine if they are causing huge issues for other players and are unwilling to change their behavior for the best. I understand how banning one player can cause a wave of players to become upset and follow out. However, I've found that a community is better off small and positive than it is large and negative, even if lower population demands difficult staff choices and changes to the server systems. I've found that the majority of issues happen though because of misunderstandings or miscommunications between players. My ultimate goal when dealing with broken rules would be to return the players to a state where they can enjoy the server again and yet the server maintains a fair and functional environment for everyone. That about covers it!


Icy Girl
Staff member
Sep 27, 2015
The Mariana Trench

Congratulations! Your moderator application has been approved.

Exactly the kind of conduct we expect from our moderators.

I will be in touch personally to get you settled!