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KordoL/LodroK's thoughts on the Crookmen


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May 28, 2020
I have been interested in many servers I have entered and ended up giving a lot of suggestions to the lore. My suggestions today should just focus on the culture I'm hooked on: The Crookmen and consequently the Crookmire.

I have noticed "ranching" and "mushroom picking" to be major sources of food in the Crookmire. I would suggest putting the focus on Aquaculture ( Domesticating sea animals: Fish, Crabs, Shrimp and etc). The Crookmire could be a huge export in Seafood that way. Also if mushroom picking is on a large scale, that would mean the swamp offers little sunlight as mushrooms only grow in the dark. So most water is covered by shadows and since fish seek sunlight since they're exothermic, controlling and catching fish in the swamp by controlling where sunlight falls unto the water should be easy. Also hunting the dangers of a such an terrain, in this case aligators or enormous catfish, could be seen as a huge honor and would give you respect inside the collective.
Also about the ropes, I would suggest giving the native american weapon thats called "Bolas" a huge part in hunting not only animals but also hunting men and women. (It's also badass)
The use of Bolas in capturing people may make Crookmen better at enslaving their enemies and selling at a profit, so maybe make a few collectives specialized in enslaving outside people?
Smuggling through a swamp may be hard, but it ensures people not finding you that easy so that might also be an possibility.

-Add a tradition of aquaculture
-Add a hunting tradition
-Add more unique weapons (I confess that the tipped arrow would be fine enough, though)
-Add more specific criminal activities that could be done in such a terrain.
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