Lamellar's Event Team Application


La-la da-dum dee da.
Oct 6, 2019
MC : Lamellar
Discord : you have it.
Age : 19
Timezone : around AUS
Have you understood the basics of this team and the requirements of being in it? Yes.
What do you think is the most important to focus on when creating and doing events?

Event-team in my opinion has the most power when it comes to shaping the story, alongside the assistance of Lore-team. It is a large responsibility and I am willing to take it as I have in the past. Doing an event, there must be a certain responsibility and patience someone has to take into account from the planning and amount of building required to how many people one can handle. In my tenure of doing events in the past, I have found my place in making it lore-appropriate and realistic. I use music, and mine-craft-mechanics to my advantage. Another important thing to focus on is how Events shape how someone can develop their role-play, with someone who is just beginning can learn quite alot from a well timed and executed event and it is a good way of keeping good relation with all players, veteran or not.

Provide a few examples of events you would create as a member of this team.

Theme :

Mechanics needed -
> Fogs Enabled
> Render distance set to 4
> One must only move up to five blocks per round.
> Permanent Death is admired but not forced.
> Discord

Description [OOC] : Requiring several people with adequate characters, meaning you cannot bring a bard to this fight as it wouldn't make sense realistically. Located at x-x-x coords, will be provided during role-play so pay attention. Difficulty ranges from mild to difficult, depending on choices made.

Description [RP] :
A poster is provided pinned to a woodwork post outside every minor and major settlement there was to be, surely a opportunity not to be missed by folk of all trade.

Bounty Letter
Men of the Bog
Reward is enough to give a Peasant a live of leisure for a few good months.
If any inquiries send a bird to X Fort in X place
- Joseph Stal.

Aim [OOC] :
My aim of this event is to provide an event that could or could not develop into a fully-fledged event-line depending on the outcome or what people may find. There are hidden things that very may well be planned if this was to be an actual event, as the above is just a small plan if anything. To get people into the idea of role-play combat, and give them my take on thriller genre and dark fantasy.


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