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OFFICIAL Land Claim Format v1.0

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Aug 30, 2015
Land Claim

Land claims are used for declaring ownership of land and establishing a landed noble house, or re-establishing an old claim.

You may edit away the explanations and unnecessary text from the application format, but the questions themselves has to remain the same, as the nation application is used for server record of active and historical nations. Details about noble houses, settlements, or strongholds should be found on their respective applications and systems.

The requirements for establishing a Nation is as follows:
  • A claim to an empty county on the map.

    a. 'Empty' is defined by there not being a landed noble already located in the county. Landed nobles can protect empty counties to ensure nobles who are landed there start as their vassal.

  • Either administrate, or be part of an officially accepted noble house.

    a. One house cannot own more than a duchy, this is to allow for other players to get a chance to own land.

  • Enough in-game currency to purchase your initial settlement/stronghold.

    a. You can only start with a settlement at the initial starter plot size (25x25), and you can only start with a stronghold up to fort size (25x25).

    b. If you do not have the amount needed when staff come to give you your land your land claim could be denied.

Application format

Majority culture of group claiming the land (please include a subculture if any):
(For example, Drahl - Krelkan, Oserian - North Oserian, Northerner - Midlands Folk)

Name of the nation:
This is the name that will be used on your kingdom/empire if you are independent.

This name should optimally be related to the house leading the nation, or for example the aspirations of them or their people. Examples nation names include; “Averlash” or “Vingaria” which would become 'The Kingdom of Averlash' and 'The Kingdom of Vingaria'.

Is this a new land claim or a re-established one?:
In most scenarios the answer will be a new claim. If you are re-establishing a claim, post the link to the previous land claim here.

Name of the nation creator (Minecraft username and character name):
This player can also be the castellan/mayor of the stronghold/settlement which will become the capital of the county.

Is your land claim starting with a Settlement or a Stronghold?
Please tell us the details regarding your starting location by including either the settlement or stronghold request format here, they can be found below:

Stronghold Request Format

Settlement Request Format

You can also claim abandoned player settlements and strongholds to start your nation with, just tell us on the request where you have chosen here instead.

The noble house making the claim:
There cannot be more than one nation made by the same noble house. Noble houses can only own two counties.

Link to noble house bloodline:
The noble house bloodline /should/ feature an up-to date list of all the current house members.

This is the area where you can make a post of information and lore for your house.

You can find this area here:

Link to Noble Bloodlines and Houses

State of independence at founding:
Depending on if the land you have chosen you will start out as a vassal or independent nation. Look through the current landed nobles to see if you will be starting as a vassal, or ask over discord/in-game.

Additional information:
This section can be used for additional information about the nation, if necessary.

Land Claim Format 1.0
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