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ACCEPTED Lewis' Application

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Event Team
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Event Team
Feb 27, 2019
United Kingdom
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Lly1, Lly2

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Have you understood the basics of this team and the requirements of being in it?
I hope so

What do you think is the most important to focus on when creating and doing events?
Personally I believe the most important thing is to remember that you are there to help everyone on the server to have fun. I think sometimes it is worth opting to take a path which might be the most entertaining, rather than the most realistic when interacting with players; just like sometimes it's important to stay strict to lore, but sometimes I think it can be bent a little here or there for the sake of fun without ruining anyone's immersion. It's important not to come across as a rules lawyer who is just trying to win at their own events.

Provide a few examples of events you would create as a member of this team.
I enjoy small events with improvisation. In either of these examples, there is no grand scheme at play for how I think things should end up; they are situations which I think are open-ended, and I don't know how they will go.

A small number of players would be approached by a stout, girthy fellow with a thick black moustache and a balding head. He would jog over from across the road, and sputter out something unintelligible before taking a moment to regain his breath and wipe his brow clear of sweat. The man would introduce himself as someone who had trouble with two roguish men; for he was a salesman of "Frothy Topper" - Oseria's most popular beer - and his stock had been stolen. Should he be asked for more information, or probed as to why he hadn't gone to one of the many guardsmen about this crime, he would implicate himself as a counterfeiter; his beers were cheap knockoffs, their original labels covered with those taken off of used bottles of legitimate Frothy Topper.

The players are welcome to do with him what they please. Should the players bring him to a guard alongside any amount of evidence (a bottle, his remaining stock, advertisements by his name, etc.) they would be compensated slightly, perhaps by being given the remainder of the man's knockoff stock, or a small reward of coins. Alternatively the players could find the two thieves and attempt to return the mans stock. If successful the players would receive a more substantial reward from the man.

The sketchy man could remain as a recurring character for minor events in the future. Should players who have treated kindly with him in the past find him out and about, he might buy certain cheap stolen goods, or sell counterfeit versions of goods to the players. These would be very minor, and make no meaningful impact on anything - it would just be for flavour.

A man or woman slathered in perfumes and make-ups hangs around on a street corner. They are open to conversation to anyone who doesn't look poor. They advertise themselves as the owner of a wonderful room for rent - "Or just a bed perhaps, for an hour or two". Should the player accept their proposition they would be lead a small ways away, and down a side street away from any crowds. They would approach a door and fumble with their bag, looking for a set of keys. After a few moments a man would approach from a shadowy doorway, and attempt to mug the player.

The player could shout for help, and the mugger would be quick to back down. The mugger could be fought, and he wouldn't be very strong at all; again, he would be quick to run away. It would be up to the player to find their own way of receiving something for this event, as no one is giving away any reward - for example, the woman might carry a small amount of gold, perhaps stolen from their last victim, or the set of keys to the house which would contain a small amount of valuables that could be taken.

If things were going badly for the player, a guardsmen could come running and intervene. The intent wouldn't ever be for the player to lose anything; it doesn't seem fun to drag a new player off the street just to beat them up and steal their gold.


Wet Bread Crumb
Jan 8, 2016

Welcome to the gang.

Since event systems and guidelines are still in the making, I'll be sure to hand immediate help & info to you directly.
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