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Aug 30, 2015
Welcome to the lore ideas format thread. This thread is here to assist you in explaining and presenting your lore ideas for us to screen, select, and incorporate onto the server. If you have any lore ideas you think would help benefit or add to the servers ever growing story please read this thread and submit your ideas today. We can't wait to read them!

-No new races or sects can be approved without both admin and lore team support.
-All lore must be original. Plagiarism is NOT accepted under any circumstances. (NO COPY PASTING FROM OTHER SOURCES)
-New languages must have full lore team approval and may not be based off of pre-existing IRL languages or cultures
-Any screenshots included in lore must be appropriate and relevant to lore.
-No lore that involves the powers or whims of any deity's or other worldly will be accepted although lore in which people believe that certain Deity's caused something may.
-Any new creatures that are approved and will not be playable can only be used by the staff when applicable.

Things to think about before submitting your Lore Ideas:
Always remember to read and follow the rules before sending in your ideas.
-While you do not specifically have to follow the lore, as these are new lore ideas, it it always a good idea to incorporate preexisting lore into your description to tie it into the server and show your understanding of it.
-Try to keep your lore free of grammar and spelling mistakes. (It makes things easier for both us and yourself if we can fully understand what you have written)
-If your lore ties into preexisting structures or areas please be sure to list them and their locations.
-When writing lore make sure that your lore or what your lore achieves is not already used or accomplished in preexisting lore.
-If your lore idea is denied you must wait a FULL 48 hours before resubmitting with any revisions
-You can resubmit lore that has been denied 5 times with revisions before it becomes permanently denied if it is and you post it again you may be banned from presenting lore ideas.
-Finally, please try to keep your lore as detailed and realistic to the server as possible. Unrealistic lore will be denied just on concept and will not be given a chance to be revised(For example unicorns, flying structures, gods/goddesses, exc.....)

Copy this short format fill it out and post it -HERE- for review
~Lore Ideas Format~

Lore creator(s)

Lore inspiration (If any):

Lore (please be detailed, must be AT LEAST 2-3 paragraphs,maximum of 10 ):

Groups/people/nations affected by lore:

Location/structures/areas affected by lore:

Other details/Information:

Thank you for submitting your lore ideas we cannot wait to see the great ideas that you come up with!

The Lore Team
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