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Lore Team Leader
Oct 7, 2019
West Coast
Minecraft Name
- AionTbird

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- AionTbird#8266

- 20


Have you understood the basics of this team and the requirements of being in it?
- I do.

Can you give any examples of your previous lore and writings?
- I have been dungeon master-ing for my group of friends for 3 years now and although I use a pre-generated map for my campaign, I write the lore for the locations, items, and NPC's that my characters interact with. The type of lore I enjoy writing the most is that of locations or items. I enjoy writing lore that my players will use and reference back to at a later date. I love the feeling when the players can connect a current event back to lore that I gave them access too previously. The moment of clarity on their face is truly something to treasure.

To give an example of my writing style, I'm going to write part of a description of the village my character grew up in. If you need a more complete description of the village, let me know!

A dull and dusty mining village a few harsh days travel west of Telth, Beacon sits atop a tall plateau, surrounded buy rolling hills of sand. Beacon is named for the constant dull, red glow from the forges that can be seen from miles away on the lower expanse. Beacon's residents have come to make a living by braving the harsh trip to and from Telth to sell refined iron, spending their days slaving away in the iron mines, or slaving in front of the heat of the forges. Beacon was originally founded for the vast amount of high-grade iron ore, and the somewhat close relation to the capital. Even though there is a great deal of iron in the mines, Beacon is a harsh and desolate place to live. With little to no cover from the blazing sun and distinct lack of water, it takes a devoted individual to live a life here. Many stay in Beacon only because they are too poor to leave, unable to procure the supplies for safe travel to a more favorable location.

In Beacon, the work conditions are dreadful at best. Those who wish to work in the mines must sell their time to the royalties that own the quarries. Miners only get paid a dime while the owner gets the whole dollar. While the miners may have the cool cover of the earth to protect them from the sun, they have the brutal drivers, who make sure they make the best of their time. Those who brave the trip to Telth face the many horrors of the desolate desert sometimes to only make a fraction of what they need to make to support their families. Those who work the forge, must be very careful because the threat of overheating and dehydration is extreme when working under the hot forge for many hours a day.

What do you think is the most important about designing and writing new lore?
- I think what's most important about writing lore is that they players enjoy the content. Just after that, it helps a lot of the lore is clear and cohesive in my opinion. I believe it helps when the lore is easy to pick up by players and is easy to get invested in.



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Sep 21, 2017
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