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LukathePrince's Introduction


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Nov 26, 2015
Hello all readers that are reading thing to read. Reading. Anyways, my name is LukathePrince in-game but you can just call me Luka. I love role playing but haven't found a really good server like this that will hopefully last for more than a month after I join as that has been my previous experiences.

I love doing theater and creating characters so role playing is perfect for me. I also do improv at my school where I also create stories with all beginnings, middles, and ends in 3 minutes but I hope that my experience here will last for more than 3 minutes. I love writing and developing characters with dramatic irony so that I have dark intentions but no one else know about it. Or I might be a good character this time... Only time will tell....

I was accepted as an application moderator after trying once before. I failed the first time because I had read the applications on another forum where there was a lot less written and they were almost accepted so I wrote about that much. After being denied, I wrote another one with essay long paragraphs for each question and then a bit where I was then accepted.

I hope that this server will stand the test of time and become one of the greatest RP servers out there.
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