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Tale Of Banners

Aug 30, 2015
General Guide

Welcome to the Tale of Banners general guide. This document is designed for both new and seasoned players alike. This guide is used to get a grasp on how our server functions, and can also be used to quickly navigate through our many systems, guides, lores and more.

Link to the rules

-IP for the minecraft server-

If you cannot join the server with the official ip above, use the direct ip.


If you want to get acquainted with our community, you should join our Discord group and say hello! You can also use the “Introduce yourself!” subforum for this same purpose. There you might find someone to group up with in roleplay before (or after) applying.

Feel free to hop in on our discussions on the discord group at any time, or take a peek at the server before applying. You can also leave an introduction of yourself on the forums! The links and ip necessary is linked below.

Link to discord group

Link to Introduce yourself forum

As a last note before heading to the next section: We’d love to hear your suggestions and feedback about our server and community. We value the voice of anyone, as we aspire to keep improving our community for you, the player. If you want to contribute, you can voice your opinion on the feedback forum or in the suggestions channel on our Discord.

Link to ideas forum

Other Guides

Are you new to roleplaying? Want to learn how to create a character? Need some information about the commands used on our server? Or simply want to expand the horizons of your roleplaying skills? Then check out the guides linked below. These guides are designed for both new and old players to find useful, and will make your life on Tale of Banners a breeze!

Link to the Character Creation Guide

Link to the Roleplaying Guide

Link to the Commands / Mods / Textures Guide

General Information

The Tale of Banners server is a “low fantasy” server, which means that our focus is on keeping the server relatively realistic while having leeway for some fantasy aspects. This does not mean that you’ll see dragons or wizards flying around the server, but you will see certain other fantasy aspects such as alchemy or monsters.

“It doesn't have to be scientifically possible, just scientifically plausible.”

Tale of Banners is also proud of its building style which is influenced by the likes of Cirdanoth and the popular “Messy Medieval” building style.

Our server is scattered with dungeons and ruins of all sorts across the map. Some are already completed, but a lot more are coming up and will be released unannounced. We have hidden dungeons solely for exploration, dungeons which include puzzles, and dungeons that involve fighting monsters. All of these dungeons have loot chests with custom rewards. We try to connect each dungeon with the servers official lore and ancient history. Can you find them and reveal their secrets?

Areas including monsters, like dungeons or the mines, are considered difficult. Those areas will not let you keep your inventory if you die, so you will have to get back and fetch them if you want to keep hold of them.


Our server takes place in the continent of Esna, a land filled with history and adventure. Residing in Esna, are four major cultures. The Drahl, the Korsians, the Northerners, and the Oserians. If you want to find out more about these cultures, click on the race summary or the respective links below for more extensive information about each of the cultures.

Link to the cultural lore summary

Link to the Oserian cultural lore

Link to the Korsian cultural lore

Link to the Northerner cultural lore

Link to the Drahl cultural lore

The first chapter of Tale of Banners begins in the year of 1000 A.T. This means a thousand years “After the creation of the Holy Empire of Tsarra”. This is based off of the creation of the first Drahl empire, when every other major culture at the time adapted to their calendar. Similarly, B.T means “Before the creation of the Holy Empire of Tsarra”. If you want an oversight of what has happened up until the current point, check out each of the cultures lores or the main timeline linked below.

Link to the main timeline

In addition to these main lores, we have several other lores finished, and some in the works, created by our lore team and player base. If you want to see lore about locations, plants, wildlife or more, then check out the lore subforum linked below!

Link to the lore forum


Our systems are built with the intent of creating a fun and functional medieval roleplay society. Each system is made to give you, the player, options. Here’s some information about our different systems;

Settlement and Building system

The Tale of Banners settlement and building system allows players to apply for and create player run settlements around the map which are safe from the political power play and wars created by noble houses.

Once a settlement is applied for and accepted one player alone takes on the OOC responsibility of maintaining it. If the player registered as the owner of the settlement is offline for longer than three months, the entire settlement becomes forfeit and can become a ruin. (This responsibility can be passed from player to player, but the server staff must be informed of the change as to not cause confusion.)

Settlements can apply for land expansions which are only granted if the settlement follows the servers building guidelines.

The settlement system on our server enables the creation of individual and thriving communities around the map. However, we only allow a limited amount of settlements to be active at any point (as to not split up roleplay too much). (Settlement and Building system)

Nation system

A “nation” on Tale of Banners is simply a group of players who wish to be involved with the wider political power play of the server. Nations can be controlled by other nations, independent or even destroyed and rebuilt later. There are two types of nations: independent and controlled. A controlled nation is simply under the control of another “independent” nation. The controlled nation leader might take a lower title upon being conquered, such as a duke or count, and look up to the leader of the independent nation as their overlord. Nations can never be destroyed by other nations! Just controlled. If a monarch cannot successfully put down the rebellions of conquered realms how can they maintain their influence?

To start a nation the OOC poster of the nation app on the forums must also be in control of a settlement of its largest size (Town). This will then become the nation's capital.

Our nation system is made for those who are interested in ruling or keeping a nation operational. An ideal nation requires a noble house at the seat of power to rule it, and an operational religion and military to back it up. Those two jobs are taken by the religious leader and military leader respectively (note religions often have a seperate OOC structure and are not appointed by the nation leader, other titles on the council however are). To be able to fund your nation you also require a head steward who can collect tax from settlements on land within the nations control and members of a capital (If applicable). It is advised you keep other noble houses of your nation happy by handing them the landed titles of dukes or counts (they then may wish to be independent themselves, but this is simply medieval politics at work, it's the monarchs job to ensure his realm support their rule).

The roles requiring nobility in the nation system are emperors, kings, dukes and counts. However, reagents, military leaders, religious leaders, or head stewards do not require any form of nobility. Keep in mind that a character can keep several roles at the same time as long as he’s capable and the titles makes sense. For example you could be a regent, a duke (if noble), and a religious head.

Link to the nations system

War and Combat system

Designed to let nations war against each other to claim land, or for new accepted nations to gain their independence, the War and Combat system is built for those who are highly interested in the political and combat side of roleplay. It is highly advised that you have a proper political buildup before declaring a war, as to make them feel more impactful and not too much of a daily occurence.

As for combat we have set our default combat style to be “Roleplay Default”, unless there is 5+ players involved in the fight (There are some exceptions to this rule which can be found in the servers official combat rules below). Villainous or noble character killed through roleplay combat are considered permanently killed off. Normal players have the ability to choose whether they want their character to be killed off or not, but it is advised you do not abuse that fact. For more specific rules about combat you can check out the combat & death rules linked below.

Link to the rules

Link to the war and combat system

Intrigue system

The intrigue system is made for those who want to commit evil deeds on our server. However with great power comes great responsibility. Villainous characters on Tale of Banners are expected to have a high standard of roleplay so that they can provide fun roleplay for anyone involved. They are given the abilities to do various evil deeds depending on the rank of intrigue they get. The downside? A player who has a villainous player has already agreed to their character permanently dying if they somehow die in roleplay situations. Therefore they must play their character smartly so that they are not caught for their deeds, as that will accumulate bounty which in turn will make people track them down. The sole intention of the intrigue system is not for you to make an easy buck.

Link to the intrigue system


We take great effort in trying to uphold a good standard for our staff teams, no matter the position. Currently we have a build team, lore team, event team, application team, moderators and administrators all working together. Each of these teams are important to keep this server functioning to our standards. If you feel like you can contribute to the server, then feel free to leave an application for the positions linked below! Keep in mind that the minimum age for getting a staff position is 16 years old. If you have any questions for members of staff, then check out the staff list and ask us either through the forums, discord or on the server.

Our build team are the ones that keep the Tale of Banners server looking pretty. Every little house, bridge, ruin or castle is made by them. If you have any questions about adding a building, or creating a settlement, they are the ones to ask.

Our lore team are the ones that are writing, updating, and reviewing lore. They are also in charge of running the wiki. If you have any questions, suggestions or simply want to point out an error about lore, then feel free to contact our lore team members.

Our event team is in charge of creating random and organized events for our server. They create large scale server wide events, and smaller personal events. All of which we deem important for a fun server. If you’re curious about events, or have any suggestions for them, give them a shout!

Our application team are the ones that are in charge of reviewing new members and integrating them smoothly into our community. They can be approached about pretty much any question you might have. It is important to us that new players does not feel excluded.

Our moderators are important for keeping our server civil and resolving any problems you may have. They are capable of getting you out of a tight spot, helping you solve a dispute, or attempt to fix things if something has gone wrong. Do not be afraid to contact our moderators, they won’t bite (hopefully).

Our administrators are the ones running things behind the scenes. If you have complicated questions no one seems to be able to answer, they are the ones to ask. If the server crashes, blame them.

If you are interested in joining a position of staff, then feel free to check out the staff application forum linked below. We are always on the lookout for some great additions to our teams.

Link to the staff list

Link to the staff application forum

Whitelist Application

Now that you know a little bit about how our server and community works, maybe you wanna leave an application? We’ll be happy to see you around in the Tale of Banners community!

Before applying, keep in mind that the minimum age to join our server is 15 years old. We have set this limit as we don’t see some of the server’s more mature themes (violence and simulated drug use etc.) appropriate for someone under this age.

When writing your application, we hope you answer truthfully and to your best extent. Take some time into creating a wonderful character for the server to see! You do not require any prior roleplay experience to join our server, although it is certainly a benefit.

When creating your character, know that you can have its origins be from more or less anywhere on our continent named Esna. Even villages not specified in our lore (it still has to fit in with the nearby culture however). We discourage people from creating characters reaching Esna by sea, as the outside world is not explored.

Link to the whitelist app
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