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OFFICIAL Major Weekly Server Announcement (08/05/20)

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Tale Of Banners

Aug 30, 2015

The Administrative team of Tale of Banners are very excited to bring you this update as work has commenced on finalizing the server and bringing it into final release. Further updates will be posted at the same time each week so you are able to monitor our progress up until launch. We have also changed the update time to: (Fridays 7PM BST). Our aim of these updates is to bring you along the journey with us. We are also open to feedback & suggestions relative to the updates we announce.

The Tale of Banners Release Is Today!

Join us on the 9th of May at 9PM BST
For the official opening of the server!

Check out our brand new teaser trailer:

This week we have more on:

As part of the Open Beta, we received our player’s feedback. It seemed a majority of players had a specific interest in Northern Folk. Taking this into account, we are developing the initial launch of the server to be based in The North. Players will still be able to play the characters of any origin while in the North. As our playerbase grows we plan to expand further into the realms of Esna. The initial release of the North will see an abundance of interactive dynamic events, NPC interactions, intense roleplay and regular tasks to keep players busy and engaged.

Check out our updated planet minecraft page at: (Tale of Banners - Medieval Roleplay [Join us on the 9th of May at 9PM BST for release!] Minecraft Server)


We have been working hard to add all the final touches to the server for release! We are trying our best to stamp out any last minute bugs and issues, if you do run into anything post-release please let us know in our feedback section of the forums: (Complaints, Bugs, Suggestions, & Feedback)

Food and Economy

The North is a harsh world and food is scarce, during beta we took on your advice and now food will not be given as rewards in general loot chests. Kura has also been nerfed significantly, we have aimed to scale the economy down so that 50 Kura for example feels like much more money.

The best way to earn Kura is to take part in server quests, money earned through woodcutting and mining has been nerfed significantly.


The North has many quests and characters to discover! In order to take part in any of the server quests you must complete the in game tutorial first, which will also reset your inventory for release. This enables a fair and level starting field for everyone!

For each quest you will gain one quest point, certain quests and characters will only give you quests if you meet a certain number of points.

There is also a server storyline which players can take part in which will give out limited time only items!

Release Event

On the 9th of May at 9PM BST our first event will take place as we release the server officially, there will be event specific items to collect and rp to take part in! Feel free to log in a few hours before when staff will be online preparing and rping!

Getting a House

We have a system in place to get you started with your first property on the server! Once you have purchased a deed contact one of our staff members and they will set you up!


We will have one major dungeon established for release, more will be added in the coming weeks along with more quests and much more content!


It is a high priority of ours to get player run settlements up and running as soon as possible, soon settlement system 1.1 will be released which will allow players to build and manage their own roleplay settlements!

Please keep in mind that to grow your settlements plot size you must follow our building guidelines found on the current settlement and building system here: (WORK IN PROGRESS - Settlement and Building system)

Planet Minecraft

As release is just around the corner we encourage you to help us out on PMC! Your vote goes a long way in helping spread our server to new people!

We have updated our planet minecraft posting and want your help to keep it at the top! Your votes can help other people see our server and grow our community and staff to better cater to roleplay and storied experiences. This can also result in positive feedback that can help with constructive expansion of server systems.

We thank you all for the support! (Tale of Banners - Medieval Roleplay [Join us on the 9th of May at 9PM BST for release!] Minecraft Server)

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