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OFFICIAL Major Weekly Server Announcement (12/07/20)

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Aug 30, 2015
(Delayed one day to include outcome of big event)

Next week's official event will be on the 18th of July at 11PM BST

We are in our solid release now, with a dedicated playerbase. We will strive to continue to post these announcements for all of you to stay informed on what we have worked on and continue to work on. We will post these announcements a few hours before the weekend event (around Saturday 7PM BST.) We are also open to feedback & suggestions relative to the updates we announce.

This week we have more on:
Check out our updated planet minecraft page at: (Tale of Banners - Serious Medieval Roleplay [NOW OPEN!] Minecraft Server)

Next week’s Event!

The fallout for yesterday’s events continue to affect the people of the expanse, where will the roads lead?

Join us at 11 P.M. BST for this moderate scaled event!


The Death of the Cart Master

As the people of the north followed the roads northward on the carts, something horrifying happened in Valdarr. The Cart Master was viciously and brutally murdered.

Untitled-2 (3).png

His carts have been shut down for just the time being, but someone else will replace him, as there is always a need for quick travel.

The Fisher and the Mother

We had a very large event yesterday where the player’s actions heavily affected what would be the fate of the residents of the shattered stretch.

Untitled-1 (3).png

We saw the Mother come out on top, as Johnathan Pike was taken by the residents of the North to her. Their fates are still ongoing, and not completely sealed yet.

Sea Raiders

The shattered stretch is home to a vicious band of terrible raiders, more fearsome than any on the mainland. These raiders made their heart and home on the waves, and have been pillaging for decades. Now they have come to the north once more, only to find strangers in the land they once called their own. Their strength is mighty, and their plunder mighty still!

Untitled-3 (3).png

It will take us some time to get the sea raiders and their loot 100% but you are free to fight them for standard bandit rewards in the meantime!

The Shattered Stretch

The shattered stretch has been released and is now open to players! New quests and more will be added to these scattered islands and cliff faces over the coming week. Investigate the depths and heights of the region and see the beautiful varied landscape.

Untitled-4 (1).png

It is only a small region unlike the huge major expansion of the next Jarldom ‘Flintswood’ which will be released with quests and content from day one!

Just around the corner!

Removal of Tents and Enderchests

The ender chests and tents were implemented to house players and allow item storage from day one of the servers opening. Now the server is in solid release these starting frameworks will be removed next weekend to promote house ownership to store items instead.

Untitled-7 (2).png

We advise players to clear out their enderchest by next weekend but we will allow players individual opportunities to get their things from the chest if they miss this deadline. This can only be done once however.

A Strange Return?

Blackwood’s carnival has been long gone, but something yet remains.


Who knows what twists and turns await from the aftermath, especially now that things have changed significantly...

Quests on the Stretch

With the fate of the Shattered stretch expanded upon, new questlines will be constructed involving the player’s choices during the event from yesterday.


The mother, the guardsman, the shaman, and more will all seek goals due to the result of your actions. Soon, these will be available quests.

A Chilling Reminder

The fate of the Cart Master has had a brutal effect on many of the NPC’s, and they will seek their own way to catch the killer. Soon, new quests will be provided by Sten and Ragvald, Eldrik’s closest friends, in order to forge a new path forward.

The Volcano

We are in the very early days of constructing a new massive dungeon. We have combat, puzzles, as well as involved quest lines and even a potential fate change for the location all planned ahead. What will the volcano hold?

New Recipes

Our focus is not on recipes as much as events and roleplay at the time being, but many more recipes for strange concoctions and foods are in the works in the short term.


Our official trailer has been released! You can watch it on youtube here:

As we are still in early release your vote goes a long way in helping spread our server to new people!

We have updated our planet minecraft posting and want your help to keep it at the top! Your votes can help other people see our server and grow our community and staff to better cater to roleplay and storied experiences. This can also result in positive feedback that can help with constructive expansion of server systems.

We thank you all for the support!
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