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OFFICIAL Major Weekly Server Announcement (13/06/20)

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Tale Of Banners

Aug 30, 2015

Next weeks official event will be on the 20th of June at 9PM BST

As we move further into our official release, we have many more updates to bring you. To keep in touch and help you guys see our progress and goals, we will continue to do these announcements each and every week. We will post these announcements a few hours before the weekend event (Saturday 7PM BST.) We are also open to feedback & suggestions relative to the updates we announce.

This week we have more on:


Check out our updated planet minecraft page at: (Tale of Banners - Serious Medieval Roleplay [NOW OPEN!] Minecraft Server)




Next week (the 20th of June) we will be introducing the tax system for lords and city houses. Maintaining a townhouse in a city is only for the wealthy however:

You will need to pay a tax of 40 Kura every two weeks to keep a house in Valdarr!

Player settlements are exempt from these taxes however, they can use their tax money to buy protection from noble houses instead.

We will develop the mechanics of the system as the server progresses but for now simply place 40 Kura in the tax chest located outside your house every two weeks.
As of now if you miss two tax weekends in a row your items will be stored by the server and you will be evicted from your home.

Settlements - Expansion!


Windermere has been granted an expansion, and now has a 50x50 area. It has a cart that can take you to the location inside of Valdarr.

See more info about the settlement here: (ACCEPTED - Windmere Settlement Application)

We are also taking an application for another settlement. Apply here:

The Mysterious Merchant


A new merchant has appeared in Valdarr, and in his pockets are strange, and extremely expensive wares of all sorts. Expect to pay nearly all your Kura for any of his goods, that is, if you can find him. He only pops up for a short amount of time and then disappears to sell his goods elsewhere.

The Apiary


The Lunebug apiary has been added into the southern melting lands, near Lunebug Springs. Head over to receive quests in the future, and to adore the cute little Lunebugs in their small homes.

New Mobs!


We have added all sorts of new animals around the melting lands to give it life and to represent the natural wildlife that lives there. This includes things such as Northern deer, White bears, Lunebugs, small rabbits, and Oxen.

All these randomly spawning animals have their own item drops which can be used in many of the new quests we are adding! Expect to see many more variant mobs in the future!

Valdarr Rebuilt


The great hall of Valdarr has been finished! The construction has been completed, and now the structure stands whole again for the Jarl of the Melting Lands. See the post below for more information on the construction: (An Annoucment from Prophet Asfrid!)

New Quests


We have been adding new quests to Luneholm meadery, Windspeak Abbey, as well as Torbjorn the trapper’s house. Be sure to visit all these npcs and more as we expand the region even further!

Small Dungeons

We have been adding small dungeons all over the server. If you go around and explore you will be able to find several new areas with hostile creatures located inside. These include things such as spider lairs, grulk fens, and bear caves. Some may even be larger than they first appear...


We have added in a new chest shop plugin, although it is still being configured. Stay tuned for updates and future player use!
We have fixed the horse protection plugin with Stable master.


We have added new things into the initial spawn area, and you are able to travel freely to and from spawn once you are whitelisted. We are looking into a few bugs that involve players that are not whitelisted but can still do other tasks.

In addition, a new spawn location has been selected, the cave inn! Ingrid has moved from her dungy abode in the ruins of Norvaskr to a proper cavern right in the middle of Valdarr. You won’t need to travel to Norvaskr for your soup anymore!

Just around the corner!


We are always working on new quests. Most of our quests so far have been done by a single individual, and we are going to have more people able to contribute their creativity to the quests due to a new guide that has been made to assist with implementation.


We are searching for plugins for farming and mining activities. We are also looking into a plugin for time tracking and day length. If you guys have any ideas, feel free to put them in #feedback channel.

We are also considering introducing MCMMO on the server, this is completely up to the players however! If players feel they would like to be limited by a professions plugin we could certainly look into this in more detail.


Our new official trailer has been released! You can watch it on youtube here:

As we are still in early release your vote goes a long way in helping spread our server to new people!

We have updated our planet minecraft posting and want your help to keep it at the top! Your votes can help other people see our server and grow our community and staff to better cater to roleplay and storied experiences. This can also result in positive feedback that can help with constructive expansion of server systems.

We thank you all for the support!

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