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OFFICIAL Major Weekly Server Announcement (18/04/20)

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Tale Of Banners

Aug 30, 2015

The Administrative team of Tale of Banners are very excited to bring you this update as work has commenced on finalising the server and bringing it into final release. Further updates will be posted at the same time each week so you are able to monitor our progress up until launch. (Saturdays 6PM BST).

Our aim of these updates is to bring you along the journey with us. We are also open to feedback & suggestions relative to the updates we announce.

We are excited to bring you to:

As part of the Open Beta, we received our player’s feedback. It seemed a majority of players had a specific interest in Northern Folk. Taking this into account, we are developing the initial launch of the server to be based in The North. Players will still be able to play the characters of any origin while in the North.

As our playerbase grows we plan to expand further into the realms of Esna. The initial release of the North will see an abundance of interactive dynamic events, NPC interactions, intense roleplay and regular tasks to keep players busy and engaged.

Check out our updated planet minecraft page at: ( (Tale of Banners - Medieval Roleplay Minecraft Server))

Weekly Updates

The administrative staff members are going to be compiling weekly updates to keep players engaged. These weekly updates will showcase developments which affect systems, lore, plugins, rule changes and more.

We are open to receiving suggestions from our players, meaning that you have the opportunity to put forward an idea that may be implemented. This can be done via the ‘Suggestions’ section on our discord channel.

The administrative staff will respond individually to each suggestion in as timely a manner as possible.

Staff Applications

We are now doing an overhaul of all staff positions held on the server. Anyone who was previously staff please contact the Administrative Team (Lena, Frigated & Verando) if you wish to retain your position. As part of this overhaul we are now opening staff applications for submissions. You can apply to become a staff member on our forums here: (Staff Applications)

Check out our new staff advertisement which should give you a quick overview of how the team works:
( (Tale of Banners, a serious medieval roleplay server is looking for dedicated staff for release!))

Server Update

We are currently working on updating all of our plugins to Minecraft Version 1.15.2 to enable the update of the server. We are also currently investigating a plethora of new plugins to enhance the player experience. More news on this in the following updates.

Planet Minecraft

We have updated our planet minecraft posting and want your help to keep it at the top! Your votes can help other people see our server and grow our community and staff to better cater to roleplay and storied experiences. This can also result in positive feedback that can help with constructive expansion of server systems.

We thank you all for the support! (Tale of Banners - Medieval Roleplay Minecraft Server)
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