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OFFICIAL Major Weekly Server Announcement (18/07/20)

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Tale Of Banners

Aug 30, 2015

(We have decided to permanently change announcements to Sundays)

Next week's official event will be on the 18th of July at 11PM BST

We are in our solid release now, with a dedicated playerbase. We will strive to continue to post these announcements for all of you to stay informed on what we have worked on and continue to work on. We will post these announcements a few hours before the weekend event (around Saturday 7PM BST.) We are also open to feedback & suggestions relative to the updates we announce.

This week we have more on:
Check out our updated planet minecraft page at: (Tale of Banners - Serious Medieval Roleplay [NOW OPEN!] Minecraft Server)

Next week’s Event!

A festival lies ahead! A cookoff with strangers from afar... and during the week, things get more dicey than ever...


A New Cart Master
Silas has taken his place as the new cart master after his companion Lucy was found in the wilds.


Together, they have begun to pull the carts.

A United Summit

The lands of the summit are now united under the banner of Princess Mara, the kingdom of Averlash stretches from the summit to the melting and contains the entire playable area.

Untitled-2 (4).png

How will the people of the North react to peaceful subjugation?

The Mother’s Fate

Yesterday’s event was ended, then followed with a player interaction calling out the Mother. This interaction has sealed her fate, as well as provoked further actions down the road.

Untitled-3 (4).png

We do not take these issues lightly, but this will mean further consequences as the server evolves in its life.

Quests in the Stretch

We have been working hard to write and implement new quests for the shattered stretch. We have also added some new mobs to the stretch, and others are in development.

These quests take some time to implement, so please bear with us as we work to develop and experiment with new quest ideas and possibilities. We want to keep the quests engaging and interesting and would prefer to keep to our rule of quality

Changes to Lock Prices

Lock prices are being changed from 25 Kura to 15 Kura which we feel is fair for a non-refundable lock. This also comes in light of the enderchest changes.

Removing the Tents and Enderchest

The ender chests and tents were implemented to house players and allow item storage from day one of the servers opening. These frameworks have been removed to allow players to move into settlements, cities, and towns as they wish, and to prevent exploitation of the ender chest and taxation systems.

Untitled-7 (2).png

If you have items left in your enderchest, you will have one single opportunity to request your chest be opened. After that, you will not get another. This is to allow those who did not see the announcement to open their chest one final time. If you plan to do so, empty your inventory as much as you need before opening the chest.

Map of the North and the Stretch

TheNorthFinalFancy (1).jpg

We have decided to make the map of the shattered stretch and the north available once more to players due to the recent release of the stretch. We have posted this before, but if anyone wishes to see it again here you are!

Just around the corner!


We have taken your feedback into consideration and have held back the release date for Flintswood till it is 100% complete.

Untitled-8 (1).png

This may take some time but in the end will provide much more of a detailed and enriched experience when it is released.

New Permissions Plugin

Our current permissions plugin has been causing us no small string of headaches trying to set things up. We have discovered that it has been broken and fails to interact with some other plugins. In order to move forward on the server we will replace this plugin with another.

Quests on the Stretch

New evolutions in the power struggle for the stretch means changing the path of certain quests, and implementing new ones. We will continue to work on quests in the stretch and outside of it as the week goes on.

The guardsman and the shopkeeper, as well as other NPCs you have seen will soon have quests added, as will the flower girl, and the shaman both have additional quests added to their repertoire.

A Chilling Reminder

Ragvald has put a bounty upon the killer’s head. He is determined to find out who killed his friend Eldrik. If you manage to find this killer, you can bring him to justice.

New Recipes

Our focus is not on recipes as much as events and roleplay at the time being, but many more recipes for strange concoctions and foods are in the works in the short term.

A New Pathway!

A miner has begun to dig into the old ruins of the Mount Grelth temple.

Untitled-7 (3).png

What secrets will be revealed within these new halls?


Our official trailer has been released! You can watch it on youtube here:

As we are still in early release your vote goes a long way in helping spread our server to new people!

We have updated our planet minecraft posting and want your help to keep it at the top! Your votes can help other people see our server and grow our community and staff to better cater to roleplay and storied experiences. This can also result in positive feedback that can help with constructive expansion of server systems.

We thank you all for the support!


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