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OFFICIAL Major Weekly Server Announcement (25/04/20)

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Tale Of Banners

Aug 30, 2015

The Administrative team of Tale of Banners are very excited to bring you this update as work has commenced on finalising the server and bringing it into final release. Further updates will be posted at the same time each week so you are able to monitor our progress up until launch. (Saturdays 6PM BST). Our aim of these updates is to bring you along the journey with us. We are also open to feedback & suggestions relative to the updates we announce.

We anticipate the official Tale of Banners release in around two weeks.
We will have more information in the next update with a refined date!

A teaser trailer is currently in the works and will be released later today!

This week we have more on:

As part of the Open Beta, we received our player’s feedback. It seemed a majority of players had a specific interest in Northern Folk. Taking this into account, we are developing the initial launch of the server to be based in The North. Players will still be able to play the characters of any origin while in the North. As our playerbase grows we plan to expand further into the realms of Esna. The initial release of the North will see an abundance of interactive dynamic events, NPC interactions, intense roleplay and regular tasks to keep players busy and engaged.

Check out our updated planet minecraft page at:
( (Tale of Banners - Medieval Roleplay Minecraft Server))

The Pre-Launch Roleplay Area

We have been working hard on a pre-launch area for people to roleplay prior to the server release, players will be able to interact with npcs that have been added to the area and find hidden treasure! The area is an underground shelter that has been preserved after the north’s large blizzard. Several people have been locked inside to wait out the storm, but supplies are low, and stomachs are hungry.

The pre-launch area is up and running! log in to check out our new location and plugins!

We have also developed a tutorial area which will guide brand new players into the world of Tale of Banners. This area contains all the information necessary to roleplay on the server mechanically.

New Quest System

To coincide with the pre-launch roleplay, we are debuting the new quest system. Some NPC’s will offer quests, such as in the tutorial, where you can trade items to them. This quest system will allow us to chain quests together for longer events. Quest points can also be earned by completing quests. Unique items and rare drops can be given as a result of these quests. See the tutorial quest for a good example of the questing system. This is aimed to accompany roleplay to give a more feature rich experience.

Settlements and Charters

We have been hard at work to implement a new settlement and charter system to support the server’s continual growth and improvement. We are working to implement a system by which someone receives a quest to investigate an area, and upon clearing it, have the capability to buy a charter to the land. This will allow us to have a dynamically changing world that fits the story and character of the server. It allows players to take an active role in the changing of the world at a smaller scale. More details will be given in future updates.

Inventory Wipe

It is under careful consideration that we have decided to perform and inventory wipe for release. This is primarily due to our new loot tier system which we have now implemented (you can check it out now on the server) and to reset everyone's inventories to coincide with the new release area.

This will be a fresh start for everyone on release, and we wanted you to know we did not make this decision lightly.

Feedback Pipeline

We want players to be able to feel free to give feedback about the server during these crucial early days. The best way to give us feedback is on the Discord server underneath the #feedback Channel. Feel free to contact an administrator or moderator if you need to be more discreet.

Whitelist Applications

We have gone through the whitelist applications in preparation for the pre-launch roleplay area. Feel free to hop in if you have been accepted. We will be reviewing any new applications that are sent in. We encourage people to create character profiles in the pre-launch period as well. To accompany this we have also developed a new whitelist application format.

Planet Minecraft

We have updated our planet minecraft posting and want your help to keep it at the top! Your votes can help other people see our server and grow our community and staff to better cater to roleplay and storied experiences. This can also result in positive feedback that can help with constructive expansion of server systems. We thank you all for the support!
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