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OFFICIAL Major Weekly Server Announcement (27/06/20)

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Tale Of Banners

Aug 30, 2015
Next week's official event will be on the 1st of July at 10PM BST

(Instead of our normal saturday time to avoid clashing with July 4th.)

We are in our solid release now, with a dedicated playerbase. We will strive to continue to post these announcements for all of you to stay informed on what we have worked on and continue to work on. We will post these announcements a few hours before the weekend event (around Saturday 7PM BST.) We are also open to feedback & suggestions relative to the updates we announce.

This week we have more on:


Check out our updated planet minecraft page at: (Tale of Banners - Serious Medieval Roleplay [NOW OPEN!] Minecraft Server)

New Minecraft Version

The Nether Update has been released! We will stay on our current version till our primary plugins become available for the new version as standard.


The Naiman Tribe, Tale of Banner’s first Drahl noble house!

For as long as the Yaelks have roamed the lands, the Naimans have taken charge among the largest of Yaelk clans. The Naiman Tribe's founding is unknown to it's members and the rest of the world as they do not keep formal records on paper. The Naimans have always existed in their minds, being passed down from generation to generation. The Naimans are one of the oldest Yaelk tribes in the world. Some stories that have been passed down through the wise men and seers that the Naimans were the ones to have burned down Sin Kath, although this fact was never formally proven.


We have put a solid limit on noble houses for the time being till the map expands. We will allow one extra house however if Korsian, this gives each culture their own noble house.

Custom Crafting!

We have implemented a custom crafting plugin to add even more item variety in the server, as well as new quest possibilities.We will be making these recipes available ingame as we produce them. Here is such an example recipe.


Player Shops!

We have a currently functional and working player chest shop plugin! Players can use:

/shop create <amount> <buy-price> <sell-price>

And then click on the target chest to make a shop! Items in the chest can be bought and sold by other players!


Bandit Rebalance and New Effects

We have listened to your feedback and have rebalanced the bandits attack and health values. We have also changed some bandits speeds. We intend to keep balancing mobs until they are fun but still challenging for players without being broken or too overpowered.


We have also introduced effects for all ambient mobs, players bleed when struck and cause bleeding on enemies to name just name a few.

Valdarr Constructed!

Valdarr has grown into a flourishing city once more, Sten’s tent and house quests have been disabled as Valdarr has reached its maximum size. Each tax period evicted houses will become available for players to move into.


Mob Fixes

We have been hard at work to fix the random mob spawns again this week. We have support now and have been able to solve several issues. We are now only tweaking the spawnrates and have no major issues anymore.

Not only that but we now have premium support from the Mythic Mobs dev team which will ensure you hopefully won't see another update with this title.

Forum Nation Tax Area

We have created an area on the forums for nations to track their expenses, from here players can see up to date information regarding the different nations on the server. You can find it here: (Economy)

Removing Disease Plugin

We decided to remove the diseases plugin this week after having consulted with all of you and getting feedback. We tried to change it to make it work, but the plugin just had too many issues and we feel we are better off without it.

Just around the corner!

The Shattered Stretch

We are working to begin the implementation of new land into the north. With some time and effort, we will be launching the new location of the Shattered Stretch for exploration. It will be improved upon with time of course when we do release it. We do not have a planned release date as of this moment, and would rather have it ready than release something half finished.

This is only a minor land expansion however, the next major one is currently in the works and will be released shortly after the shattered stretch!

The Haunting Reminder

Who knows what scavenged the remains of the Blackwood’s carnival, but a trail of clown shoes and juggling bags leading off into the forest certainly gives cause for concern.

Many new Quests, Dungeons and Items!

We have been working hard to fix issues with mythic mobs, now that we have fixed the serious issues main development can shift back once again to the construction of dungeons and quests on a large scale! Expect to see many more mobs and adventures in the coming weeks!

Continued Events!

The next few events will be build up to wider storylines developed by the Event Team! Starting this week continued events will become another aspect of our server events!

The story will continue over many events with a dramatic conclusion! Join in today at 9PM BST for the first of these events!

New Plugin Possibilities!

We are still looking for new, up to date and compatible plugins to enhance player experience! We will be trialing many plugins to see which fit best on the server!


Our official trailer has been released! You can watch it on youtube here:

As we are still in early release your vote goes a long way in helping spread our server to new people!

We have updated our planet minecraft posting and want your help to keep it at the top! Your votes can help other people see our server and grow our community and staff to better cater to roleplay and storied experiences. This can also result in positive feedback that can help with constructive expansion of server systems.

We thank you all for the support!


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