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Marcus L. Blackadder


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Feb 27, 2019
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Marcus L. Blackadder


Full Name: Marcus Louis Blackadder
Nicknames (if any): Mark, Blackadder
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 38
Place of Birth: Tarishaw, Duchy of Tarishaw, Oseria
Current Residence: Downwater, Oseria


Family: Louis Blackadder, his father; Margaret Blackadder, his mother; Amelia Blackadder, his daughter; and the late Emily Blackadder (previously McKinley), his wife
Allies: His former retinue of soldiers and long-term friends: Nikolas, Kolt, and Amanda; and Vanessa Silverhand, the leader of his order and travelling companion
Enemies: None of relevance


Blackadder carries himself with a great deal of solemnity. He steps as though he were trudging through mud, both lazily and with long deliberation; and he speaks with such infrequence that it is as though his words were a poison to him. His clothes are a mixture of greys and browns, not dyed but of brighter colours paled with age and wear, and everything he owns smells deeply of stale tobacco. Upon his hip he bares a leather scabbard decorated with the crest of Tarishaw. He wears a battered grey hat upon his head, and on his left hand he wears a wedding ring, freshly polished.


When roused to speak, he does so plainly. He takes great care in not muddling the meaning of his words with pleasantries. Blackadder isn’t without cheer; he laughs and jokes with great frequency among his friends, but he is always one of the first back to seriousness, and a true, happy smile is rare upon his lips. He is very slow to anger, but once brought to it he finds it difficult to be calmed. His honour is as important to him as his life, and he will not break it.

Before Downwater

Blackadder spent much of his childhood labouring as an apprentice to his father, a small-time carpenter working out of a modest home in Tarishaw. He didn’t learn quickly; he didn’t want to. The people there interacted with Drahl and Oserian-Drahl with great frequency, and in those cultures it was common to have a military family. Blackadder wished he had family who served; it’s more impressive to say your father is a soldier, rather than a mender of tables, chairs, and beds.

By the time Blackadder reached adulthood at thirteen, there were even fewer people left in the city. It had been 10 years since the priests of The Path had declared the start of The Great Death in the southlands. Tarishaw was quarantined, but the duchy was large and there were many exits northwards still unwatched. Whilst Marcus’ parents stayed where they were raised, he took the opportunity to travel northwards, and eventually he found himself in Oakenbri.

With so many migrants arriving in villages there was little labour left to be done. Vacancies were quickly filled with cheap workers looking for a roof over their heads. An opportunity many young gentlemen took was that of the City Watch. The City Watch didn’t pay well; in fact, it paid almost nothing in coins, but it offered lodging and training and two meals per day, and this was enough for Blackadder to be thankful.

He served in the same place for most of his adulthood. It was in the service of the military that Marcus Blackadder met three lifelong companions: Nikolas and Kolton, two other soldiers; and Vanessa, a lady of religion. And it was during one of his trips home that Blackadder came to marry his sweetheart, Emily McKinley; but as the plague worsened, so did the quarantine tighten, and so that was his final visit to his birthplace.

Blackadder and his two companions were stationed a few miles short of the Avendale-Oakenbri border when he received word from home: his wife had given birth, and he was now a father. As delightful as the news was for the trio, it only sunk home the truth that Blackadder wouldn’t see his family until the plague was cured, and the quarantine lifted.

Every year when he was away for his daughter’s birthday, Blackadder would exchange letters with her. And every year she detailed what she’d learned or experienced, and the friends she’d made. Usually the exchanges were quite plain; but around her twelfth birthday, young Amelia Blackadder signed off her letter with:
“Mother is ill. She didn’t want to tell you and worry you.
And Blackadder abandoned his post. He didn’t return to the garrison to meet with Nikolas, Kolt, and Vanessa; and he didn’t send word to his captain of where he was going; and when he arrived at the south border it felt far more empty than he’d ever known it to be before.

After a long period of grief, Blackadder was found by his companions as south as was legal to go, and now they bring him North with them to safer lands.
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