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Merni Havenhelm the settled travelling merchant


Apr 26, 2020
* The tavern keeper’s notebook *

* After Merni started working at the tavern he felt the need to write down his memories, so he doesn’t get lost in his own lies. Nearly every time he is asked about his past he changes some facts, either because he doesn’t want certain things to be known by certain people, or he just wants to make his stories more interesting. Living as a travelling merchant made him not care about people names but now he has to remember so many details about each person, that he often puts down his thoughts about them on the page margin, next to the main story. *

Property of Merni Havenhelm
In case someone finds this notebook by mistake, please return it to its owner. Surely you will be rewarded for that. Here is a quick description so you know who are you looking for. Most of the times you can find him in the tavern in the middle of Valdarr.

Height: Quite short for the Northern standards. * 1.7 meters *
Eyes colour: Gray
Hair: Saddle brown, has a fringe
Skin colour: Pale, he is a Northerner after all
Overall look: Travelling with his cart made him quite strong, thought he doesn’t look like it, he has always been the weakest brother. He might have gained some weight after spending most of his time in the tavern. Merni usually wears his fancy reddish suit which reminds him of his journeys. He also has a pair of nice, well made boots, that he bought a long time ago. His hand was almost chopped off by a crazy Drahl leaving a long scar on a man’s hand. The most distinguishable thing about him is his face, he has no facial hair at all!
Personality: Merni is a kind person, he doesn’t mean any harm to other people if they think the same. You will always know when he is talking because his accent is a mixture of different Northern dialects and he is always trying to make himself sound more serious by lowering his voice by a couple ocatves. He knows his weaknesses but it's very easy to trigger him by trying to publicly boast about your medical knowledge, especially if your surname is not Havenhelm.
Here I will put some basic stuff that folks tend to ask about, just so I have quick access to it.

Age: 22 23 24 25
Occupation: tavern keeper at the Crooked Walls Tavern
Clan: How many times will I be asked about my family?! They are all dead!
Birthday: Summer, 978 A. T.
Wealth: Tavern in the middle of Valdarr town
Be wary of everyone who ask about this!
Languages: Norvian spoken, never had a chance to learn the sign language
Religon: I never questioned the way of the five. Althought I don't mind people who do that, it's them who will be punished by Smori in the end so why would I bother doing anything about that?
Politics: I've never been up to date with politics but if I can earn money doing that then sure.
Philosophy: I you have money then as long as someone or something doesn't kill you, you will survive. Most of the times you can't do much about the killing part so just try to collect as much money as you can.
Goals: Right now I would like to open an proper pharmacy here in Valdarr, I'm tired of this Drahl bullshit.
Skills and abilities: Definitely not fighting. I know how to use the sword but I fight only if I have to. I know how to make basic drinks but I will have to find someone else to do that because I'm not qualified enough. Definitely herbs. I know much about the value of the Northern herbs. The really good stuff not this moisty, swampy stuff the other folks are trying to sell. I'm still studying the book that I managed to keep with me all this years, though I know how to make all of the basic recipes and even some harder ones. I also know nearly nothing about cooking as much as embarassing that is. I can also read, write and count and I'm thankfull to my family for this.
Fear: Definitely darkness, when the fire stops burning it gets dark...
You shouldn't mention that to anyone you don't trust.
Habits and addictions: I like to smoke if I have the good stuff, I get to use my trusty flint and steel after all. I will also sometimes drink a little bit, but the book says clearly: ...The alcohol in large quantities is a poison... A good tasting poison but I still prefer to leave it for the guests.
Relationships! Maybe that will help with remembering all those names...

Rowan: A really good guy. We have this nice tavern project going on. We don't agree with each other most of the times, but I've already learned that it's a good thing, it lets me see things differently, more clearly. We met in the bunker and he was the only person who didn't mention the idea of eating someone in case we run out of food so that's a plus.

Rudolf: My first client! As a tavern owner of course. At first I thought that he wasn't going to stay, but now he's got his own house here in Valdarr and I'm very happy about it. Not only did he helped us with the stuff we were struggling with (He says he is dumb althought I wouldn't ever think of constructing a barrel inside the basement) but also talking with him comes really easy. We also get a lot of clients when he is in the tavern, I think they just come after hearing someone shouting. He's got more life experience than most of us what makes people think of him as an old man, especially when he starts talking about his past as a ravager. He is one of my most trusted friends what he points out every time when he is drunk.

Jasper Finton: We met in the catacombs I think, not really the best start, but he turned out to be a great friend! He doesn't drink, that's a plus, I've been trying to break him by offering him various drinks but he always said no. When I officialy met his brother we had a great party and laughed a lot. I shouldn't mention this but I think I've seen the worst of him and that assures me that he can be trusted. He didn't stop working hard to become a better man even after he (I hope temporarily) lost his brother.

Asher Finton: I'm not sure anymore. I wish he makes peace with his brother, but currently it seems that I was right and he really is not capable of rulling this place. Some foreign lady managed to covince him to stop trusting his brother. Something like this never should have happened... You never turn your back on your family.

Haradaeir av Dunsgate: A really good friend. He often mumbles something about "the one" but I just ignore him when he does that. He knows how to laugh, but he also knows when to be serious and that's what I value the most about him. I catched him once after the carnival and he said he will find some time to celebrate when there is a reason to do so. He called Asher a mayor despite him not beeing one and followed his orders. I hope that it was just a misunderstanding, we need his strong will, so that finally order can return to Valdarr.

Mara: Everyone likes her! I tried to become her friend too but sometimes I just can't stand her attidute. She is so quick to judge people escpecially when she doesn't have all the information needed to do so. Last time she did this to me and Rowan. We tried to warn her not to free a known rhyming criminal, but she did it and then she started shouting at us and leaved without even listening to us.

Ziad Naiman: I think I was the first person to greet him when he came to Valdarr. He is a wise and educated man and I really enjoy talking to him. The only thing that worries me are his secrets. I've noticed it a couple of times while talking to him. He weirdly avoids some topics and once when I've shared some important informations with him and asked him to do the same he just smiled and used a cheap excuse! Unbelivable!

Junica: She is always running so I don't get many chances to talk with her. She almost always has her armor on so at first I've been trying to avoid her but then I've seen her talking openly with Jasper and I started thinking that she might be alright after all.

Saman: Another person adored by everyone but this time I agree with them. Saman is very kind and she has helped me and countless people in need. I would like to see her more but I get it that working in the field must be very tiring. I personally think that she is one of the pillars that make this community not fall. We need more people like her, trustworthy and reliable.

* more realtionships info and the main story coming soon... *
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