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Dec 20, 2015
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Out of Character
Provide information about yourself here.

MineCraft Username(s):

Answer - omnipotent_rage, whatsupdawg

Full UUID for your MineCraft account(s) (Found here):
Answer - fa4b858d-c3d5-408e-9674-30c4f6120e94, 1d116b4b-cca3-4cc4-bf50-ede5a554a5d4

How old are you? (We need to know this as our server has an age restriction)
Answer - Nineteen.

Have you read through our rules? (Found here)
Answer - Yes.

Do you agree with our rules?
Answer - Yes.

How did you hear about Tale of Banners?
Answer - Through a friend.

Do you have any previous roleplay experience?
Answer - Plenty.

Is there anything you would like to add?
Answer - Nothing in particular.

Part 2 of 4
Terms & definitions
Answer these definitions using your own words. The definitions can be looked up if necessary, however copy-pasting is not allowed.
What do you define as roleplaying?
Answer - Role-playing is the action of taking on a character and then participating in a large-scale collaborative story with others of like minds.

Describe the term ‘powergaming’
Answer - Power-gaming is, essentially, when you force an action upon another player. I.e., John stabs Bob. A decent RPer would word such an action in a way that the victim could react. The definition of power-gaming also comprises and includes the creation of a character that physically cannot lose no matter the situation - one with no weaknesses, per se.

Describe the term ‘metagaming’
Answer - Meta-gaming is the use of unwarranted out-of-character information in-character. For example, finding out through a skype chat conversation that an enemy group is planning on raiding your settlement tonight, and using that information to your advantage in-character by planning proper defenses and strategizing a battle plan.

What is a "Mary-Sue" character?
Answer - A Mary-Sue is the quintessential standard, boring, two-dimensional character with little to no depth. All the same, however, this character is likely exceedingly skilled and has no real flaws. This goes hand-in-hand with power-gaming, and may also include a self-insert of sorts, whereby the player essentially role-plays the character as themself.

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Character Creation
Here you will create a character to use on our server.
Provide us with an in-game screenshot of your character’s skin.
Answer - VXLwKBh.png

Answer - Peter Grenefield

Answer - Twenty-six years old

Answer - Oserian

Story & Biography:
Answer - Born in Oseria, Peter is the eldest son of Edmund and Andrea Grenefield. His family owned a small dilapidated smithery in the poorer section of the city, and received little business. From an early age it was expected that Peter too would become a smith and take over the family business when his father passed. Eager to impress, Peter quickly obliged without the slightest bit hesitation. At fifteen, Peter began smithing under his father’s supervision, heating and pounding metal into various armors and blades. Although hardworking, the smithery didn’t get many customers due to both the family’s social standing and the general quality of goods produced. Being of poor standing, they could not afford the quality goods needed to forge decent products, and therefore generated little income. The family suffered, and times were indeed rough. In his time off the forge, Peter would distract himself by practicing with a blade of his own make, dreaming of knighthood, valor, and recognition. Days would become weeks, weeks would become months, and months would become years. Head to the grindstone, Peter and his father would work tirelessly just to scrape by and provide for the family. Though, unfortunately for Peter, he suffers from several debilitating mental disorders accompanied by a terrible lisp. Truly, he draws his roots from the sludge of the gene pool.

Part 4 of 4
Open-ended questions
At least three must be answered. Delete the spares(if applicable). Please include at least one paragraph for each of the answered questions.

Question 1
You stumble outside into the open air after some heavy drinking in an Oserian tavern. Just before you're about to pass an alleyway, a hooded man rushes out of it and runs for it - seemingly, he has both a blade and some jewellery on him. You take a quick peek in the alleyway to see a feminine figure collapsed on the ground, holding her hands over a bleeding wound in her torso. The thief is about to escape and the woman seems in critical condition. You...

Answer: Autumn’s gentle hand had descended slowly upon the realm - gradually at first, and then with terrible vengeance. Even during the warm spell of the breaking day, the fog was so thick and damp that it was strenuous to venture to make out anything a few yards away from one’s person. Wistful days in the tender sun had finally puttered out to their last. Peter sought warmth and hearth in the nearby tavern, which coincidentally bordered his own abode and forge. After much merriment, drinking, and - almost needless to say - gambling, he staggered out of the doorway and into the cool night air. He made to take his usual route home, stumbling over his own feet ever now and then; though, upon peeking into the darkened alleyway, he quickly broke into a sprint - or, at least, whatever he could muster in his stupor - and turned tail, as though running for his life, unknown to him that this particular thief had already nabbed what he came for.

Question 2
You are on your way to the Korsian city of Telth to sell some wares. Upon reaching the front gates you are stopped by the guard. They deny you entry for the time being as the traffic into the city is too high. You are effectively forced to wait in the refugee camp located between the two gates for the time being. The camp is
filled with shopping stalls and refugees sleeping on the floor. How do you spend your time in the camp?

Answer: Departing from the hight cobbled gates and walls of the city, Peter's lips anchored into a frown as he was escorted over to the campsite. Though roughly-strewn and altogether dreary, he spotted out of the corner of his eye a rag-tag group of refugees playing cards - likely ex-convicts, murderers, and cheats, he thought to himself. Reluctant at first, he made his way over and asked if he might be able to join in the next round. Much to his discomfort, the group's eyes shifted to him with something akin to a death stare. One perked up after a good three seconds, slinging obscenities at poor Peter. One turned into three, and three to five - all barraging him now with verbal expletives. Doing his utmost to collect himself, Peter turned about and hurried offward, finding a spot to sit by himself. He contemplated suicide thereafter, though quickly realized that he's not the constitution for it, and instead opted to retrieve a flask from his side, seeking solace at the bottle bottom.

Question 3
You've gotten lost and wandered awhile into Drahl lands, eventually finding yourself in Crookmire Swamp, where you decide to settle for the night. Finding a meal to buy for the evening takes some effort, but you do come across an old crone in ragged clothing, who offers to sell you some sea-looking food. She doesn't ask much, but warns you that eating it is 'unpleasant' to outsiders. You...

Answer: Being a native Oserian, Peter had little experience in these lands - ones which he considered foreign. Humming a gentle tune to keep himself going in such dreaded circumstance, he waded through murky bog water and pushed aside rough patches of cattail reeds. After much travel and a miraculous stroke of luck, he managed to discern light in the distance - some sort of civilization. Pacing quickly now, he soon stumbled upon a crone's hut, and laughed - or, more accurately, squealed - as she offered him the meal, largely unperturbed at her offer of warning.

"You're an old ugly hag, give me that shit you thtupid bitch," he said in his terrible, piping, lisp-ridden voice. He threw a measly few coins at her, taking the food and departing back into the swamp where he would draw a tent up later. Once he was alone, he devoured the food in a revolting display of gluttony, stuffing his mouthfull in an almost wrothful rage.
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Sep 21, 2017
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You’re almost there! Your application is pending.
There are only a few things to change for a final decision.
Make the following edits to your application:
1. A few definitions are lacking and should be expanded. Your understanding seems well, but show me a bit more.
2. Your answers are nice and characterized, but they need to be expanded. Show me what happened rather than tell.


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Sep 21, 2017
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Congratulations! Your application has been approved.

You will now be whitelisted on the server.

Make sure to take some last peeks at relevant information and guides.

You can use ToB’s Discord for communication and questions! You will find me and other whitelisters there too, ready to teach you the ropes.