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DENIED Moderator Application

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Apr 22, 2020
United States
Minecraft Name
Discord Name
- Less than 13
How often and how long can you be online and spare time for moderating?
- It really depends how long i'll be online but i have tons of time on my hands and I also have minechat on my tablet allowing me to see the chat from my device not having to be on the computer. I would expect from 1-5 hours of time that i would be online
Have you understood the basics of this team and the requirements of being in it?
- Yes i do
Do you have any past experiences moderating any forums or servers?
-Yes i have. I've been a staff on 3 servers in the past and have helped all of them be a great community.
If a person breaks the rules, what would be your procedure?
-I would definitely ask another staff member before doing anything myself because i'm still new on the server and don't know exactly what to do. Later i'll end up doing exactly what the owner or other admins want me to do so i'm not to harsh or am too nice.
Not open for further replies.