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ACCEPTED Morvran Bryne

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Jan 8, 2016
Minecraft name:

Character name:
Morvran Bryne

Character history:

Bryne River wasn’t the size a river should be, but the few households and farmlands around it all proudly called themselves to be ‘by the Bryne’. One of these pieces of land focused on animals and their upkeep. Meaning, it was a spacious property with several plains to its hold, but with few buildings and even fewer owners: their names were Robert and Mathilda. The pair oversaw an operation of hundreds of different animals and the export of different goods not only to fellow Bryne’s populace but even further beyond the river.

Though in their early years, Robert and Mathilda were life-primed enough to run from morning to evening and manage this by themselves, they saw the efficiency slip out of grasp and stress come in its stead, especially when they had their only child, Morvran. This prompted them to hire farmhands from the surrounding villages, a few more every year, to the point where they were left managing the land with the profits alike to a small sheep farm. At least they always had enough food to leave for themselves.

Due to this, Morvran had a modest but fulfilling childhood. He always had some different common farmhand to teach him tricks, he had his parents to love him & show him strict punishment to his wrongdoings, be it self-created or farmhand taught and borrowed. On occasion, even someone wealthier: a county lord come by to look at the soon-ready collection of race-horses. The lord did not interest Morvran so much in this point of life, he much prefered the lordship’s guards, who didn’t ever mind showing off their blades.

As soon as he passed boyhood, Morvran didn’t fret to work the land and its animals. He wouldn’t manage the property with his parents or even command over the farmhands as Robert suggested he do. Morvran found himself at peace by following the orders of more experienced farmhands who’d worked here as long as he could remember. He carried out simple yet tough tasks, like putting down the eldest and sickest of the animals. One thought carried him through: “knowledgeable men carry out orders that are a necessity to fill”.

That remained the general gist of his life for years. There wasn’t much else he needed or wanted, there was a certain solitude about everything being in its place. Stability. Morvran didn’t desire a venture into the wilds or bigger wealth than the small reserve they had accumulated. He didn’t even want to look any further than the river he knew, sensing he’d feel lost without it. It took his mother Mathilda falling ill that finally brought the scaffolding of the perfect, simple life down.

At first, there was nothing to be alarmed about. Robert declared it usual fever. Morvran took it as saint truth and carried on with his regular duties for awhile. But, weeks had now passed, and Mathilda showed no sign of ever getting out of bed despite the fact her hair was still brown. When Morvran realised his father was wrong for once, he also realised how dire the situation was. So he hurried to empty their coin reserves to call in druids, healers and scholars from several counties around their own - enough to empty the coin.

And so the wisest locals came to aid for the respective pay, yet none could bring Mathilda back to health. Morvran even went as far as to learn their techniques with them, getting the sense of how certain herbs and mixtures should relieve one’s body of innerly gathered faults. The potions didn’t help even through Morvran’s own administering. The coin was all spent, too, so Robert called off the healers and schooled men before they’d begin asking for animals. Morvran didn’t protest: it was a necessary order from a knowledgeable man.

When all felt at its most grim, a glimmer of hope showed itself in the form of a man. A couple counties from the river, there was a town in the name of Rowenstead. Its steward, Sebastian, frequently came by for honey when the season was proper for it. He famed it as the best any oserian will ever taste, though Bryne’s inhabitants had a gut feeling it wasn’t because the steward truly believed so, but because it allowed him to sell it in Rowenstead for profit. Or so were stories farmhands would tell at Sebastian’s departures.

This time, Sebastian stayed by Bryne River for longer than usual. He traveled the same road as the healers turned back, allowing him to learn the misfortune despite Robert’s quiet on the matter. The steward pulled Morvran aside that evening and told him about Rowenstead’s many businesses and the many people it allowed Sebastian to befriend. One in particular was a drahl witch. The steward convinced Morvran this woman could heal anyone she would lay her hands on. He had little reason not to believe it in his desperation.

Of course, the silver-tongued steward Sebastian’s help wasn’t free. He knew enough about Morvran to think of him as an useful working hand and so immediately spoke of this. The steward suggested training can be bought, but such a desire and necessity to fulfill commanded tasks cannot. Had the situation been any different, Morvran would claim Sebastian insane and refuse in an instant. But, the two of them were on their way to Rowenstead the next dawn, leaving Robert to care over Mathilda.

In Rowenstead, despite the fact it wasn’t all that far from Bryne, Morvran felt to be in an entirely different skin. His mornings no longer started with a gaze at the river, nor did his evenings conclude with it. He could barely understand as to why the steward’s guard trained him to fight with swords. Morvran didn’t question it, of course, he had enough sense of mind that, despite no longer being Bryne’s farmhand, these new commands and tasks were as vital to life itself. If not his, then Mathilda’s.

The training wasn’t too overdone. Morvran’s physical limits were fitting enough, he found his way around the blade quick enough, even if this ‘way’ was the most basic kind of a watered-down oserian militia. It helped that, much like earlier in life, Morvran failed to find necessity for anything but to sustain his life and the tasks he’d need to accomplish. Pleased with the exact attitude he first expected, the steward did not waste precious time and set Morvran up with tasks to carry out.

To Morvran, his first tasks didn’t seem unsettling, but maybe only because he was too out of his skin to think into them too much. A knowledgeable man with orders of necessity had given these out to him after all - there was no need for anything else. Morvran split up and chased down the members of illegal gambling parties. He beat men to pulps, no matter how frail they were - the steward had chosen their fate. The smooth sailing, though, had its limits once the plague was rumored to be within Rowenstead’s walls.

The newest of steward’s lines were put to use to seek out the culprits. Morvran in particular set out to an outskirt household with nothing unusual but a cloth around his lower face. It was enough for him to enter the home for his views to be challenged: one of the younger family members screamed to alert the rest of the family of Morvran’s presence. It was an unsettling feeling to hear the screams multiply and echo through the home, each horrified than the other. But, a knowledgeable man had put Morvran on a necessary test.

So Morvran went on through the home, seeking the woman described. He had to deal with pots and cutlery thrown at him, with family members throwing their will and muscle at him to push him down. But, Morvran just pushed them aside in turn, getting closer to his task with every wail. By the time he reached the bed, Morvran was bleeding across his face from blunt force he’d taken somewhere along the way. His sense of surroundings was weak, the screams replaced with low buzzing of his ears. Morvran drove his blade into the woman.

Once he pulled his bloody blade back, the screams settled right back in in time for him to feel a particularly close one. Morvran turned to bring his blade high in time to block an incoming axe. While he struggled against the woman’s husband, he could only think of how this man’s rage blinded him of seeing necessity. He wasn’t one to be brought down by primal instincts, not today at least, so the struggle ended with a blade thrust through the man’s throat. Moreso, albeit he gave the children time to flee, they didn’t budge.

Morvran had peace to gather the necessities for burning the household to the ground: there was no one in sight to stop him, the only living in close distance remained with their parents’ corpses. Though he did think about them while setting the building aflame, the thoughts all suggested there was no way of telling if the plague had already spread to them. While sitting and watching the building burn, Morvran fully lost his ability to visualise Bryne: the scorching flames were the exact opposite of everything he thought he knew.

Upon return to Rowenstead steward’s residence, Morvran was quickly pinned down by fellow stewardmen and repeatedly bashed and kicked at his sides, limbs, back and stomach. He could feel mostly mud and blood, so steward Sebastian’s words were a little unclear, but it appeared he’d already heard news of the blaze. The steward spoke of the children and barbaric mannerisms. Even though it was still difficult for Morvran to tell where exactly he’d gone astray with this task, he knew one thing: he himself was no knowledgeable man.

Morvran was returned to health by a drahl woman’s remedies in her happenstance visit to Sebastian. While in the process of getting back to properly moving feet, he had time to reflect on what he knew: necessities that he carried out need more thought on. Not in the way of self-decision - those will only bring worse, no, he only had to understand knowledgeable men’s orders from all angles so that he could carry them out with utmost precision. From now on, he swore to do just that.

However, Morvran wasn’t destinied to carry out the steward’s goals for much longer than that. Rumours of Rowenstead’s self-interest and disobedience to the oserian crown had traveled far and wide. With the One speakers’ blessing, the crown’s forces marched to take occupancy of the town, executing several names on their list, one of which was Sebastian, the steward. Finding no more knowledge to be found in Rowenstead, Morvan found himself free to take a travel back to his childhood river.

A drahl woman had accompanied him for the trip there. Morvran didn’t piece together what other significance she had besides nursing him back to health after his punishment, but he was glad to have her around regardless. They produced many mixtures to drink along the way, allowing them to travel with greater stamina - or so it felt. It was only upon reaching Bryne River that Morvran recollected his path so far - the experience was so traumatic that it brought him down to his knees and palms.

Upon recollecting himself and forcefully dragging the drahl witch by wrist toward his childhood home, Morvran realised it wasn’t much like he remembered it. There were no animals, some of the buildings had fallen to wind. Robert and Mathilda’s house still stood, but entry and search didn’t give any sign of life. He did find that the house appeared looted, much like the barns. Now it made sense to him: the profits had turned into debts and eventually, the farmhands have to have split with animals in leash.

Morvran faced the drahl upon this realisation, considering spilling all of her blood. Though it was only momentary sorrow and anger - he just left her be in the husk of his home, realising her lack of fault in all of this. He wandered onward along Bryne, seeking to find at least someone to ask about the true fate of his life’s meaning. The reason this mind-shadowing mess even began. Eventually, he reached one of the farther homes along the river. He recalled it as a different family’s, yet the face on the lawnchair was familiar. Robert.

The two men exchanged pleasantries and Morvran asked about the looted lands. Robert confirmed his suspicions - the farmhands gave up the little faith they had and took all they could. Mathilda had died soon thereafter, so Robert left to join neighbours, fearing both haunted nights and outlaws to find him on his own. When they exchanged names and the younger delivered his as Morvran Bryne, Robert quickly insisted this must be some sick joke: clearly, Morvran Bryne would have returned home right after a messenger brought news of Mathilda Bryne’s funeral to Rowenstead.

Morvran couldn’t disagree. By all accounts, that would be logical. Any further conversation wasn’t likely to happen - Robert was in agony by the flashbacks the younger man’s presence had brought. Morvran indeed felt this, so, without further delay, he started a long journey deeper south. The river Bryne had vanished from view, and he thought of only one thing… somewhere, out there, must be a knowledgeable man with a task of most necessity.

Characters personal strengths and weaknesses:
Well rounded character balance is a big part of being an enjoyable villainous character. (I.e equal strengths and weaknesses)

He has a knack for swordsmanship and some hand-to-hand combat, offered by his rural, toned figure. He's by no means an expert combatant, but has a good chance of lasting in some fights.

He's an adept alchemist. He knows where to find nature's gifts to man, using them mostly to try and cope with fatigue and wounds.

He has a lack of remorse when convinced he's acting for greater good. This means that even butchering a child wouldn't stop him in his tracks to reconsider, allowing for a clear-guided path in most situations.

He's never trained to fight in armour, nor knows too well how to deal with foes covered in such. He'll often choose to go in conflict only clothed even if offered armour. Similarly, he likely won't last against a wealthy knight in full high-quality plate.

His experimental mixture and drug adventures often lead to unwelcoming side-effects. Most often the drawbacks touch his long-term memory or in extreme cases even discoordinate him randomly, essentially making him an useless as a fighter and, more generally, as a human.

He's never been too intelligent. Spent most of his life in farms or shady corners of town, he never had time or chance to exercise brains. This is in large part why he's so influenced by silver tongued people and their goals.

Lastly, he's a man of the most average kind. He wouldn't last when presented with heavy dangers to his life, like a gang of three against him or similar threats. Beyond simple wit and will there is nothing stopping Morvran being mowed down once a higher, more powerful entity deems him unnecessary.

What tier of intrigue are you hoping to achieve for your character, and why does your character deserve that tier?
Please list each tier and a short explanation of why you feel your character has developed some of the attributes found within the tiers.

Scoundrel (Tier 1)
The scoundrel lurks the alleys and back streets of Esna, selling strange herbs and dipping their fingers into onlookers pockets.
  1. Pick Pocketing - Morvran deems this as essential when it comes to retrieving useful items for finalising whatever the task is. Keys and so on are best acquired without a murderous spree or brawl.

  2. Sale of Illegal goods/Smuggling - Morvran's belief in his employers exceeds that of regional law. If Morvran is convinced to move drugs, he will move drugs. Besides, this can often apply to his own liking for alchemy, as well.

Criminal (Tier 2)
The Criminal excels at theft. Burglary and piracy is their speciality. Criminals often make a living at what they do.
  1. Mugging / Assault - the bread and butter of Morvran's class-acts. He's punched an old lady for his wise lord and will do so again, among other brawleries and ruckuses.

  2. Burglary - often only as a means of provoking something bigger. Morvran was never too keen on settling affairs by carting away painting collections in the middle of night. More reasonably, if a framing of a big range robbery would finally bring a thief to a city-wide manhunt, Morvran would consider his task of bringing in this thief to the wise master successful.

  3. Piracy - though Morvran's yet to work for a captain, this doesn't fall out of the picture immediately. He has a sense of himself in waters, though, so whatever brought up this sea-outlawing would have to have very good reasoning.
Deviant (Tier 3)
The deviant brings chaos to Esna, often for political gain. Arsonry, kidnapping and raiding are the deviants specialities

  1. Kidnapping/Slavery - kidnapping is an important path to gaining information to further a task.

  2. Inciting Disorder - though Morvran wouldn't do this for the fun of it, it would serve well as a means of distraction to keep away from whatever more important matters were going on.

Cutthroat (Tier 4)
The cutthroat is granted the ability to murder and torture out of cold blood. This means they will not require any particular reason for doing so, other than for personal gain.
  1. Murder - a knowledgeable man's necessary cause is sometimes to wish an end to a life to create a better world for the living. It's a wish Morvran obliges to carry out.

  2. Torture - unlikely to be performed unless under extreme pressure and discoordination. I could see knowledgeable men using drugs and convincing him to show utter misery to someone in the name of necessity's cause.
Psychopath (Tier 5)
The psychopath is a character of total chaos. Broken by nature or their past they are capable of the most unspeakable horrors.
  1. Insanity - Morvran has been dislodged from his humanity by the lack of safe haven of his home. Stuck somewhere between boy and man, he'll always be eager to have what he had in childhood, as unrealistic as it is. The lack of mental pillars to be supported by and the ever-growing memory collapses this man has due to alchemy make him rarely feel in charge of his own body and actions. But there is one thing that seems sane to him most of the time: there are smarter men than him, following their take on necessity should leave at least a strand of sense... because they are smart indeed.

In what way do you believe you can contribute to the server’s roleplay by getting an accepted Intrigue application?
(Only include this if this is your first time making an intrigue application.)

I really do think it's gonna be super fun to have a loyal servant at the arm of anyone with the capability of enticement solely through dialogue. It should bring out the best in roleplayers and award them properly. I also think the twists and turns when Morvran is "swindled" by a foe of his last master should be especially exciting and create mindblowing stuff. In short: good dialogue goooood for roleplay.

Do you understand that villainous roleplay on the server is taken very seriously, as it comes with a lot of power? And do you understand that doing things your character is not allowed to do may lead to you getting blacklisted from making further villainous characters?

Of course.

Do you also agree to your villainous character permanently dying if killed through roleplay?
(Only applicable for intrigue tier 2 or above, if you’re just applying for tier 1 do not include this)

Yes, I agree!

Additional information:
This section can be used for additional information about the application, if necessary.

Have a good read, lads.
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Congratulations! Your character has been granted Tier 5 Intrigue.

This is the highest tier and given to applications which shine and stand as a perfect example.

If you have any questions about how this application was processed or about re-application, don't hesitate to ask me or other members of the Application team.

I look forward to seeing your Tier 5 Intrigue in action on the server!​
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