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Mylo Dannak, King of Averlash


Jun 22, 2020
Scotland, UK
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"Community is everythin' tae me. I'll see it protected."

Name: Mylo Dannak
Titles: Marshall of Averlash (Formerly), Regent of Averlash (Formerly), King of Averlash
Age: 35 Winters
Sex: Male
Culture: Northerner
Sexual Orientation: Asexual
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Religion: Devout Worshipper of The Five
Birthplace: A small shack near the border of Flintswood.
Current Residence: Skyreach, Averlash.

Likes, Dislikes and Favourites

Sight: Mylo likes the sight of a clear sky, one with little to no cloud cover. It brings him peace, and helps him feel connected to the world. He dislikes the sight of dying or dead plants and animals; particularly those where it is obvious they have been killed for sport or even pleasure.

Sound: Mylo enjoys many sounds; a cork being removed from a bottle of ale, the crunch of fresh snow underfoot, the creak of a bowstring being pulled taught and the whistle and arrow makes as it flies to its mark. Sounds Mylo dislikes vehemently include general whinging and/or whining from people (the more he dislikes the person, the more he hates hearing them), and the sound of rotten wood being broken or snapped.

Taste: Mylo maintains a practical attitude to food most of the time. Food can be scarce in parts, and you are generally better off not being picky. That being said, he likes the taste of meat that has been cooked on a campfire, finding the smoky flavour nostalgic and comforting. He vehemently hates tomatoes.

Touch: Mylo has a love/hate relationship with things he would generally associate with warmth. For example, an animal hide may provide warmth when used a rudimentary blanket on a cold night, or used as part of clothing, bringing Mylo a sense of comfort and contentment. But that same animal hide may bring Mylo a feeling of uneasiness if he imagines it to be frozen, half rotten or discarded. What exactly he feels is dependent on his general mood and/or mental state.

Smell: Mylo's favourite smell is the smell of smoked salmon and fresh baked bread. He hates the smell of rotting wood.


Background and the Journey so Far...



(No keys, colours are only to show culture!)

Alexandre: "Aye, charmin' and friendly yi'are. Yi'might be Oserian, but that dinnae matter when yer' the way yi'are. As 'ah said tae y'before, a friend o'Eden's is a friend o'mine. 'Ah just hope yer' "schemes" dinnae get yi'hurt."

Alurra: "Ah've never heard anythin' like the music yi play on yer twangy. Yer a reminder tae me that even cooped up in the North as we are, there's a whole world out there. Ah just wish the times yi find yourself in the now where mare hospitable; ah'd hate fae yi ti get caught up in any of the nastiness. These times need happiness tae strive for, ah believe and pray that yer music can help people in some way, as it has me."

Amund: "Yer definitely the most talkative o'the Gundersons, which ah see as a good thin'. Yi've nae been idle since showin' up again, n' like tae others, yi're ready to dae what it takes, fae Averlash n' for gettin' back home. Yi'swore t'Oath tae Mara without nary a second thought; wi'll look out fae her, and fae each other."


Avarice: "Yi're probably the most level headed Northerner ah've met in a long time; and ah mean that as a compliment. Yi'd make a fine deputy, and it looks like yi work as well wi Ketch as anyone can. Gie it some thought; ah'm a patient man."
"Ah heard yi'left Valdarr wi'Lilliana. Ah hope yi come back; North could dae with some sense."

Eden: "Yi'mean a lot tae me; I'd say some shite 'bout how i wantae keep yi'safe but i know yi're more than capable of dae'n that yerself. I'ppreciate aw the time yi've spent wi'me and Torvald just chattin', really makes me glad we came tae Skyreach. 'Am glad we're friends; wouldnae want it anyother way!"

Frederick: "Ah think like most people, i didnae like yi' at first. Still no sure if i dae even now, but yi've definitely proven yerself tae be useful. Hopin' ye'll try work at it yerself. Glad yi're part of Skyreach though. Like it or no, yi're one of us now."
"Yi're ma deputy now, and yi've proven reliable enough. Some o'us take more convincin', but ah'll keep fightin yer corner. Just dinnae fuck up."
"Yi fucked up, boy. Yer reckless attitude nearly gave yi' the position of bein' t'only Skyreach casualty of the Cult Raid. Ah can't in good conscience leave yi'with t'responsbility bein' a Sentinel comes wi, let alone bein' bloody Warden. Work on yerself; ah know yi have it in yi."

Haradier: "Ben' nearly a year since ah saw ye' last. Yi' needed a hand wae some crypt exploration, and yi' came tae me and Torvald fae help. Yi' were kind tae us. Ah won't soon forget tha'."
"Yi'turned out tae be an unlikely ally fae Averlash, and yi've definitely prospered because o'it. May Windmere prosper, just as you have."

The Fintons: "Ach ah've never met any o'ye's, so it's probably unfair that ah just dinnae like ye'. That bein' said, ah've nae heard a lot'eh good 'bout ye's, and ah've heard a lot mare bad. If we dae meet, it's probably no' on the best o'terms."

"Jasper seems genuine. Ah must say, ah'm awfy surprised at how polite he wus. Meh'be ah had t'wrong idea..."
"Ah'm still not sure bout yi. Mara was right; yi'change yer mind aw the time! Yi're part a'Averlash now, but ah'll be keepin' n'eye out fae yi. Trust is earned, fellow Northman."

Mara: "Yi're a good woman; one o'the best ah've met. Yi welcomed Torvald and I tae Skyreach wi' open arms, and you've proven yerself tae be someone worth followin', someone wi' ideals I'd die for."
"Yi continue to impress me. Yi'turned the loomin' threat o'war right around intae an unprecedented expansion fae Averlash; ah'm sure tae hae my work cut out fae me! Ah worry that we'll struggle tae hold it together, especially now wi'Ziad's passin, and Nichola leavin. But while t'Gundersons and i still draw in the icy breaths of the Northern Summit, no harm will befall yi. Let's all grow old together, fae Ziad, and fae Averlash."

Torygg: "Yi're family, but it's been so long since ah've seen yi'last, ah hardly recognised ye'. Ah can tell in those eyes that yi've ben' through a lot. Ah'm always there for yi, should ye need me, cousin."

Torvald: "Oot a the three of yi's, I'm probably closest with yi Torvald. Family is somethin' 'am in short supply o'these days, and ah'm glad yi're part o'it. A finer Smith I've yet tae meet, 'n someone ah'll always be glad has ma' back."

Ziad: "We only spoke very briefly before knockin' lumps oot each other in the Elks' basement. They say yi'dinnae know a man till yi'fight him, and I know from that fight that yi're strong. But also well respected and level headed. Ah'm glad ah'm with yi!"
"Ah can't believe yer gone. Yi'confided in me before yi'left; ah think ah was the first person yi'told, before even Mara herself. Ah'll not let yi'die forgotten Ziad. Ah'll not let yer killer get away without knowin' the pain of all o'Skyreach at yer passin. Ah swear by Smori, ah'll bring justice tae yi. By the Five, by Tsarra, ah swear it!"

If you'd like to be included in the Relationship section and haven't already been, please give me a shout on Discord or here! I'll try to update this as Mylo meets new people and they make an impression on him!
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