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News of the Upcoming Coronation of Baldwin Roth Clements


Application Team
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Application Team
Jan 3, 2016
Throughout Dunsgate and the surrounding villages, word has been spreading that Baldwin Roth Clements, of House Clements, is going to become king. As you make your way through yet another crowd of excited commoners sharing rumours about the eldest Clements sibling, a town crier calls out through the hubbub.

"Hear ye, hear ye! News from the crown! News from the crown! Lord Baldwin Roth Clements is to be coronated upon the week's end in the Church of St. Rothmund!" The murmuring among the crowd intensifies at this announcement, and the town crier rings his bell to regain their attention. "Make your way to the Church by the sun's peak, front pews reserved for nobles and clergy! All invited to the back and outside of the church, north of Dunsgate! Both the Pontiff and the Emissary expected to be in attendance! Long live the king!"

As the town crier moves on, the crowds erupt into conversations even louder than before, and you notice several reasonably wealthy commoners rushing off to make arrangements.

((Some OOC information. We'll be doing the coronation this Sunday (the 5th) starting at 3:30pm EST. The Emissary won't actually be there, because we don't have one yet, there'll just be a serious excuse why the Emissary won't be in attendance for this coronation.))