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OFFICIAL News & Recap - Early beta!

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Tale Of Banners

Aug 30, 2015
News and recap time!

First of all, we, the members of the staff team on Tale of Banners, hope you've all had a great time so far on the server and that you'll stay with us further into the beta for more epic roleplay sessions!

We've just passed the first in-game year, and therefore the server has entered into the year of 1001 A.T. For those of you who don't know, a year ingame equals two weeks. During these two weeks we've had a lot of events going on and many new players join our community. We intend to keep this trend going to create a good storyline, and a fun experience for everyone!

Before we move onto any announcements, we want to remind you all to post your feedback about our server/community. This can be done either on the forum, or on discord. We consider your feedback, and read every single one of them! Your feedback truely helps us improve on multiple aspects of the server.
Suggestions & Feedback

To kick off the news section we'd like to introduce our newly finished Drahl language document. The document will teach you the intricacies of the Drahl language known as Tehn so you can further immerse yourself into the Drahl life! Other language documenmts for Norvian and Korsian is being worked on, and will be released as they're ready.
Drahl Language Post

Now to move onto dungeons. We're still working on several dungeons right now, so keep your eyes peeled as they might open unannounced! We currently have 4 different ones in the works, and more planned for later on!

Also introducing our new Event system! It's a system made to test out a simplified Dnd style event system to be run alongside 'normal' freeform events. Let us all know what you think about it here!
Event System

Additionally, our other systems are all being actively worked on either getting improvements, or getting simplified or even reworked entirely. We'll come with more news about this as each system gets closer to finalization.

We also now have an event schedule: Server freeform events will take place every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at (10pm CET / 11pm CEST/ 5pm EST). If the time or date is different for a server event we will let you know in plenty of time!

Thanks for reading,

Tale of Banners.
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