Nichola Naiman, A man of Old Times.


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Nichola Naiman
Mingkolda, the Naiman Merkhas

"Gaze into heaven, and let her gaze into you. If you are afraid, then you need to be. If you are not, then you need not."

The Naiman Family Theme!

Key Characteristics
Age: 46
Occupation: Tribal Seer
Previous Occupation: Tribal Herder
Family: The Naiman Tribe
Wealth: As much as can be carried on a few horses.
Talents: Sheepherding, pathfinding, Scouting
Relationship skills: Nichola is generally inward focused, only being friendly to his family and tribe. He tries to be close friends with the animals he sees. He also has a knack for haggling when it comes to animal products.

Physical Traits
Height: 5'4"
Weight:140 lbs
Race: Yaelkan Drahl
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Dark Rich Brown
Skin Color: Tawny
Shape of Face: Old and rounded, with wrinkles highlighting its crevices.
Distinguishing Features: His Yaelkan hairstyle and traditional herder garb. He dresses harshly in browns and whites. He has a bow on his back
Body Build: Lightly hunched, yet muscular and thin.
Disabilities: He has a bent back, and moves slower than most Yaelk due to this.

Behaviors and Knowledge
Mannerisms: He speaks slowly and methodically. He paces slowly and spins a tale of words when he can. He hobbles when he walks and has a meek chuckle. He often grabs pieces of dried skin he keeps on his person and chews when he needs to relieve stress. He will massage his knees on occasion.
Habits: (smoking, drinking, etc.): He keeps himself under healthy habits, but he isn't nearly as active as he should be. He enjoys feasting far too much as well. He does frequent the use of Psychedelics, but only so far as is necessary under heaven to see its will.
Hobbies: He enjoys tending to his flock of sheep and relaxing under the open sky.
Favorite Sayings: Fellow Sheras!
Speech patterns: Slow, careful, and measured.
Mental Issues: He worries about the effects of heaven's gaze at points, making him anxious.
Style: He dresses in the wools of his sheep. It is traditional Naiman garb and has some furs of hunted animals for warmth.
Reading and Writing: The man sees no value in reading or writing, but listens carefully, as the spoken word is important.
Educational Background: He learned herbalism and stories from the seer prior to him, as well as his father. He also learned the basic skills required by any Naiman child to survive in the world, including horseback riding and archery. He liked spending time with the sheep and learned to herd there.
Intelligence Level: He is smart, but not the smartest of the Yaelk. He often overestimates himself, but can still see an obviously dumb plan.
Learning Experiences: His biggest learning experience was being bucked off a horse when he was younger, he ended up having another animal step on his leg, permanently damaging it. He has somewhat recovered since then. He also watched as several of the other tribal lads went mad and attacked the Oserians, he held back as they were all killed for their crimes.
Languages: Norvian reading and spoken. Tehn reading and spoken. He can sing and tell stories in traditional Yaelk.


Religion, Beliefs, and Goals
Religion: Believes that Tsarra is the emissary of the sky mother to earth, and is highly religious. He practices only in traditional Yaelkan manners.
Political Beliefs: He only seeks to see the Naiman family succeed in what the Chieftan wants. He mostly believes that they should avoid conflict.
Philosophy: He thinks a passive life free of purposeless conflict is best. Be at peace with nature and with yourself.
Perception of Himself: He believes himself to be well adjusted and intelligent, but a bit too weak.
Perception of Others about Himself: He generally believes that others see him as a wise advisor.
Goals for Now: Remake his herd.
Goals for Life: Make the Naiman tribe happy with all that they do.
Happiness: He feels happiest when out in the open with his sheep, in quiet fields, alone. He is also happy when his tribe is at peace.
Other Traits: He is relatively wordy and aloof. He explains and generally avoids problems.
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Relationship Characteristics: Generally introverted with a relatively fragile ego. He judges first based on your aggression. He tends to be polite on first contact and upon conflict would rather maintain a false pleasant demeanor, although he cannot help but make snide comments.

Brother: Zaid Naiman
  • Younger brother, 38
  • Holds great respect for his brother due to Zaid being the tribe's chief.
  • Generally subservient to Zaid, but will often give his advice if a decision has not been made.
Spouse (deceased): Boorlarma Naiman
  • Dead wife at 29, 3 years ago
  • Loved her deeply, and her death affected him.
  • He has retreated into his herd since then.
Father (deceased): Erdeni Naiman
  • Deceased father, 62
  • Taught Nichola horse riding and was generally a good person to Nichola until his accident.
  • Nichola respects his father
  • Left Nichola most of his herd.
Mother (deceased): Berjugin Naiman
  • Deceased mother, 58
  • Raised Nichola and told him many stories during his young years. Far too caring
  • Nichola loved his mother, but thought she was overbearing.
Jasper Finton
  • Acquaintence from Valdarr, 18
  • Thinks that Jasper should drop his mask and old ways altogether
  • Sees potential in Jasper to be a good person, but doesn't know him enough
  • Sees a potential bad side in Jasper.
Genevieve Clements
  • Lightly familiar from Valdarr, 25
  • She seems pleasant at first glance, but Nichola sees a hint of disgust. He enjoys trying to get a rise out of her.
  • She is stubborn, Nichola pretends not to hate this, but he does a bit.
  • She is quite reliant on the visions, may be persuaded to turn to Tsarra.
Junica Ravenwood
  • New Acquaintance from Valdarr, 21
  • Unpleasant, generally rude by Nichola's standards, and far too ignorant for his liking
Vohlkner Halsmark
  • Technically has met, but doesn't know anything.
Mara-Lee Naiman (Chabot)
  • Drahl acquaintance, 26
  • A pleasant woman who is knowledgeable of the world.
  • Great source for items if you can convince her to assist.
  • Maybe not too violent, and not a rival
  • She has decided to take our name!
  • She will be a valuable part of our new family.
Michael J. Thornsbey
  • Acquaintance from Valdarr, 23
  • Interesting, albeit somewhat rude man.
  • Not knowledgeable of the spirit.
  • Not all bad, seems to care of things.

(Would probably hate Rudolf lol)

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