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ACCEPTED Nobility Application

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May 13, 2020
Noble House Application Format

This application is used to record new and existing families of nobility on our server. Keep in mind that being part of a noble family will leave you at the risk of being permanently killed if murdered through roleplay. Nobility is able to request land from a monarch and have rightful claims to any neutral countries.

Main Family Culture
(Must be an accepted culture from the server lore):Oserian

Family Surname: Dregaria

House History
The house of Dregaria was founded in 258 A.T. claiming fame in the war games as a strong warrior family, they lived for combat, teaching the art of war to their young. After many years they soon found themselves in a lack of young me being born resulting in the humiliation of the house causing them to train the young women, this brought skepticism to weather or not they were deserving of their roles of nobility, but with the success of the houses females came a new found fame which led to a revival of the houses men due to suitors seeking noble power. Although the population of men in the clan started to rise they were no longer as strong as their ancestors due to the thinning of the Dregarian Bloodline mixing with weaker genes, this would lead to Dregarias annual battle fest which was used to find partners for the noble men and women in the house using combat games based off the very war games that brought the house fame. This festival became a monetary source for the family because of a toll, it is promised that if you win you will be married and gain noble status, if you lose the games you lose your coin.

As time went on many left the family as the house of Dregarias blood lust had fell generation after generation, this lead to those loyal to the house shutting the doors once open to all closing off the family meaning for once in many generations partners were solely picked off of love not fighting ability, because marriage was not urged the family's members dropped significantly leading to the house almost completely disappearing until the last of pure
Dregarian blood Clair Dentren Dregaria the sixth gave birth to Tektrill the first boy to be born in the house of Dregaria since her father, giving him by birth right the title of head of house, having heard the tales of those before him Tektrill was inspired to explore the world in search of finding himself and reviving his house to its former glory. To hasten the revival of Dregaria he will travel looking for those he can truly trust and love like family to join him in the noble house of Dregaria.

Patriarch or Matriarch (leading house member when applying) character name, (and a backstory if you wish)
This character and OOC person will be officially in charge of the house in game and OOC until the power is handed down to another member of the dynasty: Tektrill is the first boy born in the house since his grandfather leading to him inheriting the house of Dregaria and his quest to build a strong family and restore his houses former glory.

Head of Household’s Minecraft Username:

Head of Household’s Discord Username:

Family Members
Include minecraft usernames and character names of each living character. Keep the list updated for each character to be canon (also include any character not controlled by players). We have set a max limit of 5 noble characters being played per house at any given point. This is to not overflood the server with noble characters:

House Banner
Please include a description or a picture if you wish:

(Optional) House artifacts, coat of arms etc
If you wish describe any artifacts, a breakdown of the coat of arms or even any unique quirks individual to the family: One Flat Coin carried into the war games by the legendary first head of the house Herald Dunlands Dregaria.

Link Area
Use this space to add any links to any family documents which will be updated regularly such as a family tree or any historical accounts of lore:


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Sep 27, 2015
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Congratulations! Your noble house has been approved on the server!

Your house and its history are now cannon in the Tale of Banners official lore.

The Nations System is just around the corner so stay tuned! When this system is released your house will be able to claim territory and provide pvp protection for settlements.
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