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Northern Vorst Spiders

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May 28, 2020
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Northern Vorst Spiders
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The Northern Vorst Spiders were forged after millenia of evolution. Their hard exoskeleton allows a small coat of frost and ice to form, providing additional armor against attacks while also keeping their body heat contained. They tend to go days without seeing a meal of any kind, which has made them into a vicious species that attacks anything that moves. The average fully grown Northern vorst spider is 3 meters long and 2 meters tall, which allows it to slip in and out of ice cracks while preventing the average human from following after them. No one knows what a baby Northern vorst spider looks like, as they spend an entire five months underneath thick layers of ice just to reach full maturation. It is believed that the mother vorst spider will drag a living human that is small enough to fit into the cracks down for their babies to feed on until the human dies, where the body, while it is still warm, is then used as an incubator for new eggs.

The Northern Vorst Spiders tend to travel in clusters of 4, but in the summer they tend to hide underneath the ice or grown and send a single hunter out in hopes of easy prey. The common recommendation is: STAY AWAY. Supposedly their bite is poisonous, albeit not fatal, and makes their victim hallucinate. This is a rare occurrence, however, as their bite just typically makes an individual nauseous. Those who face this beast and live to tell the tale are either lucky or fools. Even the strongest of men have been found as fallen victims of the large spiders of ice. Others have never even been found.

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