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ACCEPTED Nyd's Lore Team Application


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Nov 16, 2017
Portland, Oregon
Dear staff,

I posted this application on the thread already, but I thought it might be prudent to post it here as well.

Hello, I'm Nyd.

Minecraft account name: LittNyd.

Age: 25

Discord Name: Fitzmagus

Are you experienced in lore writing?

Yes. I have a small collection of short stories in my personal archives, available upon request. I also have been running an original setting for D&D(5e) since about 2011.

Do you have a creative mindset?

You don't understand-- I have a creativity problem. If I'm not role playing or world building, I go mad. I play in two D&D campaigns besides the one I run, I try NaNoWriMo every year, I doodle fantastical creatures in the margins of my notebooks if allowed even a moment's idleness. I married my husband in no small part because the poor fool actually enjoys my mad ramblings about imaginary worlds. It's terrible, really.

What is your grammar like?

Aside from a somewhat unhealthy love affair with the oxford comma, I believe my grammar is up to snuff. Alas, Dyslexia makes sandstorms of my spelling, but it's nothing a little spellcheck-prosthetic and an extra set of eyes can't fix. I start a lot of my sentences with propositional phrases, or otherwise jump straight to the subject, with modifying phrases trailing behind like an over-sized wedding gown. My style makes for a sort of fairy-tale-like narrative voice, but can become tedious if given too much room to wander. I do best when given very small word count limits, unless the long-winded-ness is desirable.

Also: I love puns, rhymes, and alliteration. You've been warned.

Are you able to work well in a team?

I have no ego tied up in my fiction; collaborative world building sounds delightful.

Why do you wish to join our server?

I am specifically looking for a roleplay-intensive minecraft server to call a second home. I'd also enjoy the opportunity to share my world building concepts with a receptive playerbase.

Thank you for your time,

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Mar 16, 2017
Buffalo, Missouri
Dearest Nyd,
I regret to inform you that you've been

Welcome to the team, sorry for the wait. I'd contact you on Discord, but I can't seem to find your profile? If you would shoot a message to Tap.Water#7611 that'd be great.
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