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Only the Best of Jams!


~Resident Grinch~
Build Team
Aug 30, 2015

Welcome one and all to the "Only the Best of Jams" post. Do you have Jams that you enjoy on the daily? Sultry sonatas and cantatas which spark your soul. Or maybe you need something to settle your stomach? To stimulate your stale sensitivity. Then you've come to the right place! Whether you're looking for a good Jam to spread across your senses, or have a Jam you can't help but share this is your venue. We accept all kinds of Jam's here Rock, Roll, Soul, Pop, Hop, Cherry, Jazz, Folk, Polka, Classical, and Blueberry. Whatever Jams make you jump we'll take them and jar them upTM, placing them on display for other to peruse at their pleasure. So come on share your favorite recipe! Link your jams for others to enjoy below and take notice of those already there. Who knows when you'll need a new Jam to jolt the joylessness out of you.

-_-_-_-Sacred Rules of the Jammed-_-_-_-
1. All Jams are created equal (Except for the bad ones)
2. All Jams must be politic in their presentation.
3. Jams should be shared in jubilation not in judgement of other Jammers.
4. If a Jam jeopardizes TOB's Rules it will be jettisoned.
5. Jam Away.