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Dec 17, 2015
A story of one of my dwarven characters.

“The young dwarf grew up in the Far North in the old world within a Dwarven mountain settlement. His kin and family were always close to him, teaching him how to read, write, and carry out various chores such as mining. The young dwarf did not ask for much, for he was happy just serving his kin and helping them in any way he can. Occasionally, elven merchants would travel to the young dwarf’s settlement to trade wares with his father. Dwarven tools were traded for various wines and elven foods, little money was exchanged but to no wonder, the elven food was enough to fill a dwarf’s belly for the longest time. Though, the young dwarf spotted a pretty fair lass unloading the traded goods from the trades’ cart. The hair upon her head glittered like gold, as if angels themselves blessed her as she was born. Her eyes shone like green emeralds and her smiles was entrancing. The clothes upon her were made of silk, obviously of elven craft. The moment he laid eyes upon her, he knew he was in love.
The young dwarf nervously approached the elven lass and spoke to her in a light, but nervous tone, only being 15 and she 17 his heart was pumping. “’s-scuse me lass, culd ah get the pleasure o’ knowin yer name?” The elven lass giggled softly at the dwarf’s exposed anxiety, she spoke to him in return of his words, her voice as soothing as cool water upon a burn. “My name is Solina Luinia..um …” She tries to remember if he gave her his name, tapping her chin lightly with her index finger. The young dwarf gave her his name and she smiled at him in return. “What a wonderful name.” The two conversed about what they enjoyed doing when they were not working for their families. The two loved to write, read, and listen or create music. But, from afar the young dwarf’s uncle watched him talk to the she-elf, an angry scowl forming onto his face. His name was Laf Sundrina, one of his harshest uncles. As the young dwarf and Solina exchanged temporary goodbyes, Laf slowly walked towards the young dwarf, his armor clanking with each step. His voice sounded very harsh and angry as he spoke very loudly in his booming voice. “ Wot du ye t’ink ye ar’ duin lad!? She’s a bloodeh elf! Du ye realleh wan’ our ancestehs turnin’ in t’eir graves!?” As Laf finished his sentence, he backhanded the young dwarf with his gauntleted hand, knocking him to the ground. The young dwarf groaned in pain as he brought a gentle hand to the bruised skin. When Laf brought his armored boot back to kick the young dwarf, he was met with a swift punch in the back of the head from behind, causing him to sprawl to the ground in pain. “W-wot en the ‘ell!?” Laf looked up to see the young dwarf’s father staring down at him, a displeased look upon his face along with his arms crossed over his chest. “Ye will tek yer leave…nuw…befer ah bash yer bloodeh ‘ead in fer ‘urting me son, “Brot’er”. He said the word brother in a very harsh, sarcastic, and rude manner. Laf scooped himself off of the stone ground, scurrying off with a clatter of his armor. “Ye’ll regre’ t’is laddeh!” The young dwarf looked up at his father in awe.
A few days passed, the young dwarf continued to see Solina and spend time with her. They sang together, wrote together, and even read books together. Solina held the young dwarf’s hands, smiling down at him as her cheeks were aglow. Solina and the young dwarf was sitting underneath a pine tree. The young dwarf stuttered as he asked the question he longed to utter ever since he met her, “Solina…will ye marreh meh?” He presented an ornate ring with sapphire gems embedded into it, clearly of the dwarven craft. A look of surprise came over Solina’s face, but her mouth was formed into a bright smile as she nodded. “Yes!” The two embraced, holding each other for what seemed to be an eternity. Laf growled lowly as he watched the display from a rampart in his home, his knuckles white from gripping the edge so tightly. “T’is mus’ beh stopped…” He turned away, storming into his home as his armor clatters with each step, facing his friends that he had an ale with daily. “Lads…on teh morrow weh s’all shuw t’is she elf wot ‘appens ti elves t’at dare ti cunvert a dorf tu it’s frilleh ways!” Many hearty chuckles filled the room as they sat around a table, their voices hushed in dwarven tongue.
Solina hummed to herself softly as she walked the large halls of the dwarven settlement, her hums echoed off of the stone walls. She looked around at the large dwarven architecture along with the golden statues accompanied with thick stone. A sharp, crisp metallic sound echoed off the walls, along with metal rattling. “Huh..?” A loud click sound followed the metallic sounds. “Wh-ho’s there-“ Her voice was cut off with loud battle cries, a crossbow bolt embedded into her shoulder, blood spurting from her shoulder and onto the stone floor. She lets out a pained cry as she dropped to her knees, her vision started to get blurred with pain. Laf and 3 of his friends slowly walked towards her, their heavy armor echoing off of the walls, a grin spread across their faces. “Well well well….look wot weh ‘ave ‘ere…an elf t’at bleeds loik a tomato…” Solina pants heavily, kneeling in her own blood, not speaking. Laf raises an axe from his belt, slamming the head of the axe into her right leg, it embedding into her flesh, spraying more blood. “AHHHHH!!” Solina’s pained screams fill the halls. Laf and his friends roared with laughter at the sight of the pained elf. Laf hefted up the axe once more, swinging with all his might as he swung the axe towards her neck. But a loud voice interrupted his action. “’ EY YOU!” Laf grunted softly, slowly turning around. Before him was the young dwarf, tears dribbling down his face at the sight of his fiancée in such a mess. Solina smiled very weakly, though her skin began to pale from blood loss. The young dwarf charged forward towards the malicious dwarves with a loud battle cry. “GAAHHHHHH!” Laf’s friends flee away from the scene, wanting to live another day, leaving Laf alone. The young dwarf smashed his gauntleted hand into Laf’s jaw with a loud crack, causing him to stagger to the side, disoriented. The young dwarf surged forward, taking the chance to make another move. The young dwarf backhanded Laf in the side of the temple, sprawling him onto the stone floor, knocked out cold. He panted heavily, walked over to Solina with tears in his eyes, kneeling beside her. “S-Solina…st-stay strung…don’ die..” He weakly gripped her hand, Solina’s eyes glittered with tears, staining her cheeks. “I…l-love you…Orrin..” The life faded from her eyes, a faint smile upon her lips. Orrin rested his head upon her abdomen, sobbing heavily, remembering the time they spent together as his tears soaked her clothing lightly.
Druinin, Orrin’s father, rushed into the hall, his axe in hand as he frantically looked around, his eyes fell upon the two, a sincere look upon his face. “O’ Orrin…ye poor lad…” He shook his head slowly, sighing softly. “T’at damn Laf will pay fer t’is…” Druinin trotted away angrily, leaving his son to mourn. After a day passed, Laf was exiled from the clan and banished from the mountain, forever marked as a traitor to the Sundrina clan. Orrin, also known as the young dwarf, had lost his true love and was never able to find one since.