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Ave Imperium

Dec 24, 2015
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Aug 13, 2018
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Majority culture of the nation (please include a subculture if any): Oserian- Avendale, Oakenbri with a minority of Tarishaw
(For example, Drahl - Krelkan)

Name of the nation: Royalists
This is not a title such as kingdom or empire. The “name of the nation” is the groups broader name such as the “Krelkan Rebels” or “The Free People of Oseria”

Location of the nation’s capital (name of the castle, town or city): Dunsgate
Your nation must have a capital to be based in, this is either a player created settlement/stronghold or a server managed city. This can obviously change as time progresses, you may want to keep this up to date. (Keep in mind that if you only have a settlement and no stronghold, any attack on your capital will be an open-field battle.)

Is this a new nation or a re-established one?: Re-established? New
Its advised you have permission to re-establish a nation, usually it is easier to create a new nation. (If this is a re-established nation post the link(s) to any older applications here)

Name of the nation creator (Minecraft username and character name): Ave_imperium (Baldwin I Roth Clements)
This player can also be the castellan/mayor of the stronghold/settlement the nation is based in.

Name of the stronghold / settlement owner (Minecraft username and character name):Ave_imperium (Baldwin I Roth Clements)
If this is another person than the nation creator they have to post a reply to the application with their approval. (If city this title belongs to the nation leaders personal steward)

The nations core noble house: House Clements
Nations are mostly important for OOC records and systems. The house tied to the nation will always be the same unless changed by the current nation leader. There can be more than one nation made by the same noble house.

Link to noble house application: https://taleofbanners.com/forum/threads/clements-noble-house-application.201/ (Clements Noble House Application)
The noble house application /should/ feature an up-to date list of all the current house members.

State of independence at founding: Independent
Nations can either be a “Vassal Nation” or an “Independent Nation”. Independent nations are created when a neutral settlement in a neutral country creates an accepted nation. If your nation has been created in the lands of another nation such as a settlement under a kings rule, it is simply a “vassal nation” and not independent.

Key Personnel (Keep this list updated for it to be valid in-game)
(One person can have multiple roles, but not for landed titles such as duke and count. If you want titles for each of these ranks to be different to the normal ones for your nations culture, found in the nation system, please specify for each rank.)

Nation leader -Ave_imperiun (Baldwin Clements)
(This is the current leader of the nation, not the creator)

Duke(s) -NA
(If any, include what duchy they own.)

Count(s) -NA
(If any, include what county they own.)

Regent(s) -Avenir (Beauregard Clements)
(These are trusted players that step in for the national leader when offline.)

Military head -Ticklem0nster (Louis)
(In charge of running the official nation’s military and potentially overseeing the guard force if no one else is selected for that.)

Religious head -Roedhip ( Pontiff Francis)
(In charge of overseeing religious activity and furthering the religion. This is not the leader of the wider religion, just the player who belongs to the nation leader’s court.)

Head Steward -Avenir (Beauregard Clements)
(In charge of collecting tax and selling estate for the nation leader. Can have other minor stewards underneath him to help him.)

Why is this nation being created?
The cultural makeup of Oseria, as it stands, is a melting pot, but still very much shaped by its distinctive Oserian roots. The local noble houses, in Oserian fashion, find themselves at odds over factional ideals and centuries-old feuds; the buildings of the city hang out, looming over pedestrian traffic; the walls are crumbling, but proud where they stand. And, deeper in the city, immigrants scrabble for survival, and sometimes even thrive. The classes and cohorts of Oseria are knitting together, learning to coexist. Something new is rising from the rubble of a destroyed Kingdom.
The Great Death devastated the territories of Oseria. So very few have survived, and out of those, innumerably many still wait fearfully and hide away from the plague. In particular, the beating heart of the nation, the city of Dunsgate, was eradicated entirely but for the mysterious council of Regents to the Royal House. Communities, families, settlements, all became insular in the face of the threat. Most perished still; but the groups that survived were soon to find themselves filtering back towards the center of the old civilization.
In these days, Dunsgate has once more become a thriving stronghold of community. People from all nations have found their homes here, and the surrounding countryside has begun to thrive with farming and enterprise. The Regency has selected a new King from House Clements, the noble house first to come and reclaim holdings in the city and long-since intertwined with the old House Roth; and, however the unfortunate and daring business of politics’ bloody side may play out in the scramble for power, it is clear that a powerhouse is resurging in Oseria.

Future plans for the nation:

Baldwin looks out from Castle Kargan, he sees the vast city of Dunsgate before him. The walls have fallen into disrepair, many homes lay empty victims of the plague. “Our Kingdom has suffered enough, no longer will we sit idle while out fate is decided for us,” he’d mutter to himself. “I will reforge the Empire our forefathers once built, reclaim the glory our people once held,” Baldwin turns to reenter the Castle, making plans for the future.
The plan for the Kingdom of Oseria is to first rebuild falling the Great Death, and the most recent civil war. Grow the army back to the point where it is almost unchallenged in Esna, and reforge the lost Empire of Oseria that once dominated the land.


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Aug 30, 2015

Your nation application has been reviewed and is seen as a good addition to our server.

Your nation is now official and apart of the server and its lore.

Try and keep your key personnel list updated so people can know who is regents etc in your nation!

Otherwise, have fun with your newly accepted nation.

- Prebuz​