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Oserian Brown Bear

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Oct 7, 2019
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ミ Oserian Brown Bearミ
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The Oserian brown bear is a large and terrifying creature. Measuring up to a full 7 ½ ft and weight up to 1200 lbs, this creature dominates the local wildlife and can be considered a huge threat to humans. These bears have light brown fur and usually travel alone. They are found in high density along Rougall Bay due to the large population of clams and sea life to feed on, although they are known to wander past the Borus mountains and into the Southern Forests. The Oserian brown bears are omnivores that most commonly feeds on aquarian life such as salmon and shellfish but can consume a large quantity of berries and local fruit as well.
Prized by hunters for their pelts and skulls, only the bravest individuals take on this mighty beast. Their meat is fatty and good for stews, but can often be viewed as game-ey and undesirable. During spring you can usually see a mother bear with a range from 1-3 cubs that she nurses into their teens before they head off on their own. During the winter months, you can find these bears burrowed in dens where they hibernate until the frost melts. It is during this time that the bears are most feral. These bears will eat whatever they can get their paws on, even taking on small humans if it means getting an easy meal.
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