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ACCEPTED Popserry Tree

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Sep 21, 2017
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The Popserry Tree
The Popserry Cone
Popserry trees grow in the coldest parts of the North. They have extremely sharp needles, although they are quite brittle. Due to this, they cannot be used for any real practical purpose. Their cones contain small burrs that make them easy to stick onto clothes or fur, and this is used to spread the tree far across the north. The popserry makes a popping sound when its cones open up after a long snowstorm. This is due to the burrs popping away from the base of the cone. The tree's smell is quite pleasant and aromatic, and is used for rituals by northern seers. In addition, the tree produces a sap that can be rubbed onto objects. It is extremely sticky, and after five minutes, two items are usually stuck well together. The popping of the popserry is usually a welcome sign in the North, even for as annoying as the sound is, as it signifies the end of snowfall. In a pinch, one can combine the sap of the popserry with water for a quick snack that goes quite well on bread, but be careful not to consume just the sap, as it can easily get stuck on the lips, sealing them shut, and requiring them to be ripped open.
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