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Ragnarr Holstan, Blade of the Five.


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Oct 28, 2020
Dayton, Ohio
Artwork by Morgan H.

"They can call us savages or mad men all they want. It won't matter. When they see us on the battlefield they will regret deeming us unworthy of their attention."

Ragnarr Holstan

35 winters


Northerner, Summit Folk

Sexual Orientation

Neutral Good

A village in the northern summit near the midland's border

Physical Description
In the image above, Ragnarr's appearance is masked by a hood which he does wear during extreme weather or when trying to stealth. Most of the time however his intimidating appearance can be seen. He stands at 7 feet, the maximum height of most northerners, with a fit mesomorph build that has been shaped to help him move in combat, to apply large amounts of strength behind his strikes, and to resist extreme weather. He has golden blonde hair with the hair on the side of his head mostly cut off except for the side burns he has that connect to his short beard. His hair in the back is tied and slightly braided. but only goes down to his shoulders. He wears multiple furs over his chain male armor which he wears on his chest. Under that he wears some light leather to keep his clothes from being shredded and to defend from minor blunt damage. He wears gloves and metal bracers on his arms and he has a set of leather boots. He also has a scar over his right eye. His left eye is still blue but his right is white due to it being blind. He has a pale and rough complexion.
Personality Description
Ragnarr, like many in the summit, distrusts none northerners. But he takes this distrust to a whole new level. He believes that even those in the midlands and the flintfolk are not equal to the Summit Folk and have not earned their land and wealth. He is a strong believer of the Way of the Five and considers those who do not follow the Five to be either misguided or heretical depending on where they come from. Despite this distrust and fanatic belief in the Five, he is still willing to deal with none Summit Folk and even none northerners. He has a strong sense of honor and only kills those who are armed and have attacked him. He hunts only to provide for himself or others when food is needed and he only seeks wealth to provide for his people. His sense of loyalty is strong, even to non northerners and non summit folk, though he has greater loyalty towards his people. He is unlikely to break deals he makes with others or to betray others to save himself. Among his people he lets go of his naturally serious tone and is more relaxed, unless in the presence of a none northerner. When he's not guiding people between settlements or hunting to provide for his people, he is spending time in a tavern or a place of gathering. Ultimately, Ragnarr's distrust for those who are not his people does not come from a sense of racism but rather a strong love for his fellow summit folk. Though his ambition might one day conquer his willingess to work with those who aren't his people, for now he is content with the world he lives in.
He posseses a chain male hauberk and lightweight leather armor. His weapons of choice are twin one handed battle axes. He also has metal arm guards. He carries basic survival equipment, a drinking horn and a satchel to carry food rations. He has been trained in the way of a berserker but uses a combination of chain and leather armor in combat. His attacks are swift and deadly as he usually targets weak points in the enemy armor. Not only that but he has also trained to be a tracker and he knows how to read and write.
Life Story and Current Events
Born one year before the great plague, Ragnarr was born in an age of glory for the north. However, when the plague struck, it was believed his death would come much sooner then before. Ragnarr survived though as his settlement was luckily untouched by the plague and he would go on to help his people during the years of preperation. During his childhood he was taught how to fight, hunt, track, and to read and write. His father specifically taught him in the ways of fighting as a Berserker. By the age of 18, Ragnarr took the oath to be sworn into the way of the Five and he became a devout follower. After this he returned to his duties of escorting his people to the home of the High King to help stockpile reasources. Before the Great Blizzard hit, he escorted his people to the southern border at the midlands, killing many beasts on the way. He defended his people as they crossed the border from a hoard of the beasts and, once all had crossed the river into the border, he crossed, even being caught in the tail end of the great blizzard. His survival granted him the name of the Blade of the Five, for he was granted the strength by the spirit of honor to survive both beasts and weather. After the blizzard ended, he led his people back home to help them rebuild. Now he does all he can to serve his people and his new king.​