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ACCEPTED Reledy’s Application

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Jun 14, 2020
The Tale of Banners Whitelist Application:

Section 1/4 - Out of Character Information

Minecraft Username(s):


Full UUID for your MineCraft account(s) (Found here):


What is your age?
(We need to know this as our server has an age restriction)


Have you read the server rules? (Found here)

- Yes I have.

Do you agree with the server rules?

- Yes I do.

How did you hear about Tale of Banners?

-I have a few friends in the server.

Do you have any previous roleplay experience?
(Please give examples, no experience is acceptable)

-Yes, I’ve played on Lotc, MassiveCraft, and multiple discord Roleplays.

Additional Information: (If any)

-Nothing else :>

Section 2/4 - Terms & Definitions
Please answer these definitions using your own words, the definitions may be researched however not plagiarized (copy-pasted).

What do you define as roleplaying?

-Playing an original character within an environment and interacting with other players personas or taking on different events.

Describe the term ‘powergaming’ in your own words:

-A character that defies the rules set by a server or the character is played as invincible and all powerful.

Describe the term ‘metagaming’ in your own words:

-It is when a player uses outside or irl knowledge in character that they would not have access to otherwise.

What is a "Mary-Sue" character?

-Mary-Sue is a basic character, one with no definable characteristics or personality.

What does the abbreviation ‘OOC’ mean & when should this be used?

-”Out of Character” and it should be used when trying to communicate with the other players rather than characters.

Section 3/4 - Character Creation
Here you will create an example character that could exist in the server’s history and lore.

Provide us with an in-game screenshot of your character’s skin.

I tried to get it to work but I nothing I tried was successful. I hope this will do :<


- Elke Villas





Can your character read and write?:


Story & Biography (please go into detail, we recommend two paragraphs but expect at least one. Please outline character history, personality traits and the things that make your character unique. Have fun with this section!)

Elke Villas grew up in a small settlement in the Northern territories. She lived in a small home with her father and 3 younger brothers; Bjarke, Garth and Vidar. The family also kept her father's old bear named Runa around, who often did nothing other than sleep and eat whatever they put in front of her. She often found herself messing with different forms of pottery and baking as she took care of her younger brothers. Her mother had been taken from the home by a group of bandits when Elke was 9 to pay for unsettled dues the family had. They had done it in the middle of the night, the whole family being woken up to the sound of her mother screaming when they put spikes into her legs and started to drag her out by her hands and legs. The bandits quickly knocked out her father and held each of the children up to a wall with knives at their necks. Runa was most likely sedated or bribed with a large piece of meat. The bandits never spoke but everyone in the room had a mutual understanding of how it was going to go. Her brothers cried out for their mother, two of them being too young to know any better. Vidar being slapped by the man holding him and Garth having his mouth forcefully covered by the one holding him. Elke kept her eyes on the man who was keeping her still. She was quiet thinking that if she said anything they would kill her in front of them. She turned her eyes to the men taking her mother out the door of the home and started to cry silently. She wished that she could save her, she wished she could work up the power to do something but she knew that nothing was going to change this. She accepted it. And just as she did, the men disappeared and so did her mother.
Her father never told her much of what they had done wrong or what her mother had done to deserve that but Elke felt no reason to push her father for answers. She could tell he was hurting. She was deeply distraught by the loss of her mother. The girl kept her memories of the old songs and poetry her mother taught her as a way to keep her close after her disappearance. She took the place that her mother had for her little brothers, treating them much like her own children. At times Elke would go hunting with her father or selling her pottery or baked goods to support them. She found herself most comfortable with firing a bow and arrow rather than anything within close range feeling as though she wouldn't be quick enough to swing the weapon fast enough before an attack.
As Elke got older and her brothers where able to take care of themselves, she decided to make her own path at 16 and try to make it without her father by her side. She pet the nose of Runa, told her brothers to be good to their aging father along with a kiss on the forehead. She went to say her farewell to her father and the held each other while he sang her a goodbye song that her mother had sang to her before her disappearance. As she left her home, she as finally alone for once in her life. She planned to make a new name for herself and her family, hopefully coming home one day to surprise them with something better than what they had. She also held on to the hopeless idea that she would one day find her mother in good health. Elke took barely anything with her but some spare food, enough money to buy necessary items for a few weeks and her bow. If she were to survive her journey to her next home, she felt great adventure waiting for her.
Elke's appearance consists of long blonde hair and bright blue eyes. She stands about 5'10'' and her body is slightly muscular with light fat that hid some of it. Elke has noticeably high cheekbones and wide eyes. Her skin is very freckled and covered in various marks and burns from her early adventures. A noticeable burn being across her left thigh from a pottery incident. She often wears worker clothing and her hair down or in a long braid. Elke's personality always seemed to be bright and peppy, she enjoyed joking around and having fun with what she did. She kept a friendly face to all, even those that might be seen as harmful to her seemingly oblivious their intents. She hummed to herself making up her own and writing them down in her journal when she could. The girl was generally happy, she tried to keep a positive attitude to what she did as best as she could. In moments where she as in danger, she becomes stubborn, not wanting to repeat what she had done when her mother had been taken from them. She will protect those she loved till the end due to the fear of living life without them.

(Please note although the character you apply with can commit illegal or immoral acts you cannot do these things on the server without an Intrigue application. This can be applied for once you are whitelisted.) Found here: (Intrigue Application)
(You are also able to apply with a noble but keep in mind you cannot play a noble character on the server unless you join an accepted noble house or apply for one.) Found here: (Noble Houses)

Section 4/4 - Open-ended questions
Please answer at least three of the questions to show how your character would interact with the world. Delete the spares (if applicable). Please include at least one paragraph for each question you answer.

Question 1

You stumble outside into the open air after some heavy drinking in an Oserian tavern. Just before you're about to pass an alleyway, a hooded man rushes out of it and runs for it - seemingly, he has both a blade and some jewellery on him. You take a quick peek in the alleyway to see a feminine figure collapsed on the ground, holding her hands over a bleeding wound in her torso. The thief is about to escape and the woman seems in critical condition. You...

-Elke would quickly go to the woman, not taking a moment to chase the man knowing it wouldn't be worth the fight when she is impaired by the drinking , reaching into her bag to grab an extra shirt and place it over the bleeding wound. She would attempt to talk to the lady, keeping her conscious and call out for help from anyone more experienced than her. Crying out as loudly as she could until she got a reaction from a passerby.

Question 2

You are on your way to the Korsian city of Telth to sell some wares. Upon reaching the front gates you are stopped by the guard. They deny you entry for the time being as the traffic into the city is too high. You are effectively forced to wait in the refugee camp located between the two gates for the time being. The camp is
filled with shopping stalls and refugees sleeping on the floor. How do you spend your time in the camp?

-Elke spends her time in the camp writing tunes and using the ground mixed with some water to practice her sculpting abilities until she could fall asleep. She kept quiet not talking to many of the others there but being polite to those who chose to speak with her, offering a friend where she could. Elke also used some of her time to view what was being sold by the stalls, appreciating the great foods and artisan crafts that where set out on the tables but she refrained from buying anything. Getting inspired, Elke would set up her own works of pottery and other small clay crafts on a blanket in front of where she claimed to rest, only getting a few people to buy the limited supplies she put out.

Question 3

You have wandered across a seemingly endless tundra for what have felt like days. A raging snowstorm makes you unable to see more than a few metres ahead. Being almost out of resources, you are delighted to find out that you have stumbled your way to a village. Upon closer inspection you find out it's a Northern village, and the residents are not very friendly towards strangers. What do you do in this dire situation?

- Elke smiles at the sight of the town, It seemed similar to her home village but she understood the unfriendliness the people had. She did not push them to give her anything instead she slowly made her way to a larger fire, singing a tune to try to gain some positive attention. After attracting some hesitant children she moved to her bag and took out some small clay dolls that she had made with bows tied around her necks. Having no use for them she gladly gave them to the children the other residents taking notice to her kindness with the children. One of the families would offer her a place to find rest. It was a small shed but she gladly took the offer and the light meal the gave Elke. After the nights rest, she'd use the leftover money she had to buy whatever supplies she could and continue on her way.
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Sep 21, 2017
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Congratulations! Your application has been approved.

Good character backstory and good questions.

You will now be whitelisted on the server.

Make sure to take some last peeks at relevant information and guides.

You can use ToB’s Discord for communication and questions! You will find me and other whitelisters there too, ready to teach you the ropes.
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