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TRIAL Reynald_'s Event Team Application

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Aug 5, 2018
Minecraft Name -Reynald_

Skype Name - Will give out over Discord

Discord - Clegg_

Age -18

Timezone - Eastern Standard Time

Have you understood the basics of this team and the requirements of being in it?

Yes, I understand fully.

What do you think is the most important to focus on when creating and doing events?

To me, the whole purpose of an event is to attract roleplay and create a scenario where those involved are tested and involved. Nothing will ever turn out to everyone's expectations, nor will it always be a dazzling event. But the goal is to have those involved remember the event, and want to enjoy such roleplay in the future.

Provide a few examples of events you would create as an member of this team -

The Korsian refugee-

A lone wanderer approaches the small gathering of travelers, clothes ragged and torn. His hands shake and quiver, as do his legs. He appears to be aged, however the curved sword at his side says otherwise. He would inquire with the roleplayers as to whether or not they had hashish. He would state that it eases his back pains. Considering that hashish does not exist, the players would incite him to explain what it is. He'd then state that if they do not know, he shall enlighten them. Pulling out of his pocket a small green substance, the Korsian wanderer would hand it out to each of them. He'd ask the men to consume the substance using his homemade pipe, so that he may show them how it enlightens the mind. The players would follow him to a forest gathering, where they would start a fire. The effect of the substance would now take effect, and the men would begin to see figures glowing in the dark, flying about and chanting. A troll with a Drahl sitting on top would walk about the forest puking onto the ground, and men with huge ears would have fights to see who has the bigger ears. This event is considered to be 'A Drug Induced Trip,' and once the players have finished the roleplay, the men will pass out and awake to the wanderer being gone, and a small pipe for hashish smoking lying upon the ground.

Roadside Challenger-

A large bulging man would be standing next to a large stump alongside the road, flexing profusely and laughing raucously. The travelers to first come up to him will be challenged to an arm wrestling competition whereas the winner will win a prize. At this point the game is rigged and the players will all lose no matter what, due to the strongman being a cheat. This event is an optional ending, whereas the players can end it there by walking away disappointed or argue with the strongman to where the quest will continue.


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Jul 15, 2018

You will undergo a trial period, after which you will be promoted to a full member.
I expect great events from you in the future, Welcome to the Event Team!

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