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ACCEPTED Roedhip's Application Team Application


Application Team
Staff member
Application Team
Jan 3, 2016
Minecraft Name: Roedhip

Discord Name: Roedhip

Age: 19

Timezone: GMT

Have you understood the basics of this team and the requirements of being in it?: Yes. The App Team is the first line of quality assurance of the roleplay on our server, ensuring only those who will contribute to the server are able to get on, and giving advice to anyone who doesn't immediately seem like they enough of an understanding of roleplay to be allowed on the server.

Do you have any experience with anything related to the tasks of this team?: I think I might have been on the App Team of this server in the past, or maybe on Rise of Kings, but I don't quite remember. I do have the experience of having written a good whitelist application for this server, having read a dozen or so of the apps that have come in while I've been playing, and through my time as a Dungeon Master for Dungeons and Dragons in real life I have seen a lot of people roleplay, so I have an eye for how someone prefers to roleplay.

What aspects do you think makes a good whitelist application?: A good whitelist application should be slightly above satisfactory in all elements of the application.

I expect the definitions to be either concise and complete or to contain enough accurate descriptions of the thing being defined that the person obviously understands it intuitively, even if they can't write a concise definition. I would probably allow single sentence answers to these questions if I felt that single sentence did contain every core aspect of the definition. Is that something the App Team would approve of?

The backstory should show that the applicant has an understanding of the setting and an understanding of what sort of character we expect on the server. Most applicants should be applying as peasants or commoners (or the non-Oserian equivalents), unless they have some justification from outside of their whitelist application for applying for a more key role. If someone does apply for a more key role and I see no other problems with their application, I would note their application as pending and contact either an Admin or the player whose character is in charge of the relevant faction. The background should not describe a Mary-Sue character, but what I perceive as poor writing or poor character creation could be outweighed by good roleplay responses in the next section.

I want the responses to the roleplay questions to be at least five lines long, so that I see some of how the applicant can continue a roleplay situation, rather than only how they react to the initial event. I want to see that their answers line up with the character described in their backstory. I want to see good writing, but if they have a good understanding of how to roleplay I don't mind if their writing is lacking. Ultimately, if their roleplay questions make me feel like I know some of how their character would roleplay in the server, I'm happy. However, I would also want to check that their character isn't going to roleplay in detrimental ways unless I think they can pull that off. So if their character is very edgy or overtly self-serving, I would want to see good writing so I know they can make that roleplay fun for other players. Additionally, if someone's actions in their roleplay questions would require an Intrigue application to be repeated in the server I wouldn't hold that against their application, but would make sure to give them a clear explanation of why their character would need an Intrigue application to repeat such actions.

Ultimately, I would be a harsh Application Team member, but whenever I see flaws I would explain everything I want to see done better. I will tend to marking the application as pending if I think the backstory or roleplay answers aren't good enough or the definitions are lacking slightly. I will deny when I think the character concept is poor and hasn't been pulled off well within the application, or if both the definitions and the roleplay answers are lacking length and quality. I am, of course, willing to change what I have said above to suit what the Application Team requires.



Wet Bread Crumb
Jan 8, 2016

Congratulations! Your application has been approved.

You will now be part of the application team. Welcome to the gang.