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Aug 30, 2015
Roleplaying Guide
Welcome to the Tale of Banners roleplaying guide. This is to help new and old players alike understand the roleplaying systems and chat features. This is not a technical guide, but a guide to having a quality roleplaying experience and presenting yourself as a quality roleplayer.

Player Immersion
Our goal with Tale of Banners has always been to provide the highest quality roleplaying experience while maintaining as large of an audience as possible. Keep lots of rp at high qualities. This goal is all in service of providing an immersive experience into an interesting and detailed world.
Player immersion starts with the initial stages of character creation. A guide has been created covering these issues, so we won't go into much detail here. What is important is that your character fits the world, and does not try to budge the world to fit them.
The second part of player immersion is the interactive experience with the community. Our forums and discord

In-Game Chat
The first goal for an immersive roleplaying experience is to have a quality roleplay game chat. This ingame chat will consist of both your characters dialogue and actions in the world.


Forum Use
We have been working hard to get our forums to a better place, cleaning them up and providing new content for all players to look at. We want our forums to be another vehicle to continue the roleplay beyond the simple first server. Tale of Banners has a complicated world that you might not be able to be online for the entire time. You can use different parts of the forums to continue your roleplaying experience, or apply to do things that you may not have had the ability to before.

The announcements section of the forums helps us keep you up to date on the latest behind the scenes developments on the server. It will help you understand why we are making some of the decisions we do, and why certain mechanics might be changing. They will also be helpful to keep track of the latest events that have taken place, letting you discover outcomes and past experiences. This area is only for moderator and admin posting, and as such, you will only be able to examine.

The guides area of the forums is where you are now. These guides will give you the technical know how to fulfill what you want to do in roleplay, from commands to use of systems. Be sure to check in when new plugins are added or old ones taken away.

This area of the forums contains all the official lore that has been deemed canon by the server. Each of these lore pages will help you understand more about the world of Esna. We will be working to expand this area of the forums further as time goes on. You will be able to find past history, cultural information, rulers, plants and animals, and many other things to assist you in your immersive experience. If you wish, you may ask to submit some personal lore of your own that you think would fit the server. One of our lore team will review it for appropriate content before it is either accepted or rejected.

This area of the forums will be used to catalog events, and inform you of major upcoming events. We will be performing weekly events starting at the beginning of chapter two. All of these events will be listed on here, and when they have concluded, the pages associated will be updated with the outcomes of these events. Keeping up to speed with events will let you see what is changing on the server.

Each of the roleplay mechanics contributes to the forums in very different ways, and as such, I will be breaking down each section. The nations system lets you apply for a land claim as a noble. You can attempt to claim any unoccupied land. This section will have the tax information, as well as other information such as laws, advisors, siege weapons, castles, towns, and more. When a nation is no more, it is moved to the historical section to show that it existed at some point in the past. You can use this section to discover more about the governments of the lands you live or work in.

Noble Houses
This area will allow you to see information on the different noble families on the server, or let you apply for a family. There are a limited amount of noble families, and each family has a limit of five members at the moment, although this may be expanded in the future. Each family application will tell you about their culture, name, history, house head, members, banners, and more. It is a good place to link other documents related to the house as well. Use this information to enrich your own understanding of player history.

This area is for the application of new settlements. Settlements pages are not updated as of the creation of this guide unless the settlement applies to expand its land area. If you simply wish to see which settlements still have population and are not abandoned, this page is a good resource to keep track of. It is also of use when you wish to create your own settlement in unoccupied land.

This area is for the application of new strongholds. Stronghold pages are not updated as of the creation of this guide unless the stronghold applies to expand its land area. If you simply wish to see which strongholds are occupied and not abandoned this page works as a resource to keep track of that information. It is also useful when you wish to create your own stronghold.

Siege Engines
This area allows a nation's leader to apply for the creation of siege engines for his nation. This is also useful to keep track of siege engines. (In the future, this may not exist, and may instead focus on carpenters)

Building Request Area
This is one of the most useful request areas. It allows any player to request RP constructions. There are several ways to use this, and we will go through them briefly. Your first main use is to request staff build a house for you in land you own. You can pay a price for workers and give the materials. Your second use is to expand a piece of land inside a city. This must be approved by the city owner, but it will allow you to change a small footprint house into one with a large backyard. You can then build as you see fit. The third use is to build something completely outside of a region you own. This must be approved by the nation who owns the piece of land, unless no such nation exists. If it passes through two nations, you must get the approval of both. These constructions must be purely RP constructions, and houses cannot be built in this manner. You could use this to make an rp camp, or terraform a tunnel into a mountain.

War Declarations
The war declarations page is primarily for nation rulers. It allows them to declare war on each other for various reasons as listed in the appropriate systems document. Staff can then approve or reject the declarations. As a non-leader you can use this to keep track of ongoing and past wars.

Intrigue Applications
This area is purely for creating a post that lets staff know you have an intrigue application available. We will be keeping these intrigue applications hidden from the public at large, as well as your intrigue tier when accepted. More information about roleplaying a villain can be found further in the guide.

Strike Reports/Appeals (Strike Reports) (Strike Appeals)
These forums are for reporting other players for egregious offenses, such as breaking the rules, or purposefully harmful RP. If you have been given a strike by staff or by players, you may appeal the strike in the strike appeals forum. Use common sense, don't break or bend the rules and you will not have to deal with this section.

This area is for posting on a 'in-roleplay' message board. Anyone can walk by and respond to the posting. You may also use it as a sort of 'soapbox' type event where other players can have their characters walk by and either respond or affirm what you say. It may be a tavern gathering, the sky is the limit, but all things posted here MUST be IN-CHARACTER! Out of character requests must go elsewhere on the forums. Feel free to post your agendas, events, and other things here.

With the addition of chest shops, you can easily advertise the locations of your shops on the 'market boards' inside the various towns. Post on this forum an in-character board message to advertise your business and services. You can let people know when your character is available to be bartered with, or what goods they have available.

The Bounty Board
If you have a personal vendetta against someone, and can prove that they have committed a criminal act against you, you can post on the bounty board to exact your own form of revenge. As long as you can prove what you say is true, you are free to set your own prices and what you want done with the target.

Groups & Organizations
This area allows you to create your own custom group for other players to join. It can be for anything, merchants guilds, alliances, bandits, shops, research groups, and more. You can set how to join, who the members are, what you do, and any other details you want. Use this to connect with other players and recruit. Keep the pages updated with new messages to let people know you are active.

Character Bloodlines
The character bloodlines section of the forums allows you to create your own family, noble or non-noble. It is useful to let people know what your family is about, and what your goals are. There is no specific format, and it functions much the same as the organizations. You can give any and all information that you want, and have people choose to join the bloodline directly as a relative, or have them join as an outsider. Noble houses will be moved to a specific sub forum for them.

Character Profiles
This area is where you can flesh out your character to your heart's content. Add relationships, values, goals, characteristics, appearances, voice, psychology, quirks, skills, and even a journal. The only limit here is your mind. Feel free to use your own profile format, or ask another to use something like theirs. This will let other people see your character and interact even when they cannot be on the server.

Interacting with RP Systems

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