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Intrigue Application Format

Minecraft name:


Character name:

Rudolf Erling

Character history:
Please include minimum of 3 detailed paragraphs containing build-up for villainous intent and an early history of the character, from this players should be able to see why your character is like they are and what has caused them to do what they do.

Rudolf turns to the blank-faced lad in front of him and looks curiously for but a moment. "Hmmm, are ye' sure ye' want to hear this lad? It involves all manner of dirty shite and gore. Fekin' corpses everywhere, and a moving corpse or two. "Alright, if ye got the stomach for it..."

Well, let me think... First thing I remember 'earin bout meself was that I's born to be a warrior, according to me mother bear. Aye, she was tough herself, and me' father Gunnar was one of the best sea raiders out there. Born year of the bear, though it has yet to do much for me. Me mum told me in me' second year she left me outside for a whole day to fend for myself. When I got back to Norvaskr, I'd apparently killed a chicken or somethin'. I s'pose she's right though, don't recall much 'f course. Father said I nearly scarfed me' mother's breast down and he 'ad to basically bite my hand to get some for hisself. My earliest memory was probably... I'd say age 6, around there anywho. Me' father'd come back from a raid and had a giant gash across his 'ole fuckin chest. I'd 'ad to fetch some water and yell to th' medicine lady. I'll be honest with you lad... I's fuckin terrified that night, only night I think I could say that. Oh well... Anyway's, I's off track again. I remembered it cause I always told meself that I'd never let any fuckin' dickin asshead get another hit into me dad.

I started workin me muscles, I 'member that, hah! Musta been two or three years later I's climbing the snowy trees jus south of Norvaskr and fuckin stabbin the small rabbits that I could. Lil' bastards deserved it, and I brought home some food. Me pa was still out raidin of course, and me mum would be cookin' and cleanin' an' the like. I'd spend me days jus with me lil bow and arrow set and me knife. When it was extra cold in th' summit I'd carve a few statues in me spare time. I'd never cared for it, but me mum said it brought in some extra food. I jus sorta said alright then. Me father'd come home every ... two months or so I think. I's not so good with times so I think that's right. Anyways, pretty normal childhood. Although there was this time me friend Harold got caught in King Jorrvin Longwinter's lard once. He ended up spilling a bunch of Korsian oil all over the fekin floor and a bunch of the guards smacked to the floor as he ran.. Oh hell that was fun. I'd been watching just outside, and the bastards nearly caught me until I told em that I's just a servant, they didn't buy it for but a moment, but it was enough time to run. We hadn't taken much so they didn' run after us too much.

I's gettin a bit older at that point, I think.... like 11... ish. Had a small gang of lads I hanged around, not too different from yerself. We would 'ead onto the mountain and mess around in the old caverns. We even 'ad a run in with a bunch o Grulks after Bormir left some jerky in his pouch. We had to throw it to the basta'ds jus' so they wouldn' try to take him for a wife. Wasn' the only thing we got in trouble for though. We also would mess around with the garrison quite a bit. We'd steal off the foreigners in town cause they weren't exactly the most aware folks, we'd also grab fallen cones from Popserry trees and throw them at people. They'd get the little thorns stuck to their coats and they'd be super pissed. Sometimes they'd chase us and we'd head to this small open bank in the snow too small for most people. By the five those were fun times.

O' Course, shite hardly stays the same. Eventually my time had come to grow into a man. I's was 14 'fore too long, and when ye get that age, it means that yer needed to start taking up a man's job. Me father'd gotten home from his latest voyage, with gold and silver bountiful upon his vessel. I's always wanted to head to the sea with him, infact, I'd stared as he'd left many times. It wasn' hard to convince him, infact, I's pretty sure the bastard smiled at me. I packed all my shite, and said me goodbyes to me mother. With a trusty bow and a dull axe, I looked out to me father for his strength and experience. Wasn' too long afore the voyage had a target. We's was stopping near a village outside o' Telth for its riches. Korsian's were usually good targets if ye stayed away from their navy. Burned nearly the entire thing to th' ground, but we managed to grab all sorts of silver and golden goodies. I'd only had to fire me bow a few times, but what a rush it was.

We'd fill our ship up till its fully laden, gold, furs, spices, and all sorts of goodies that ye couldn' find in th' north. With our bellies full, just as our ship, we headed back north. We'd relax for maybe a month 'fore headin out to sea again. We did maybe, eight full journies without any problems, back and forth. I'd gone from a young lad o' 14 to a man of 24 by that time, ten long years spent at sea, and I loved em all. Natural with my bow, shooting basta'ds on their ships from afar. Me father had even been promoted to armormaster o' the ship, and started teaching me numbers. I'd love those times, and I didn' know shite could transform so fast.

Rithgar. Eight times we crossed the sea, but not once did we think we could lose everything that fast. We's at sea when the blizzard got worse, coming through the shattered isles when our ship hit the rocks.... I's never found me father's body amidst the wreckage. *Rudolf goes silent for a moment as he wipes his face.* I just managed to find one barrel of shite to survive with and me bow. I stayed in the rocks for nearly a month just looking everywhere, but I couldn' see him. I knew if I stayed longer, I'd starve, so I went southward, into the Flintswood. Rains were heavy but at least the animals were still out on occasions. I'd already hunted when I's younger, and me aim was only better since then. It all flowed back into me, all those years of troublemaking paid off.

Flintswood was a good home for the Blizzard, as the Trees made a good canopy against the constant storm. It was cold, but with all the animals, finding fur was easy. I'd wanted to travel back to Norvaskr, but it was too harsh. Every time I went westward, I'd been stopped in the Melting lands border. I tried going south one day, only to run into Oserian guardsmen. Bastards were looking for something, maybe someone. I's wasn't sure. I watched for a minute fore they spotted me. They chased me into the woods, but I's had plenty of time to learn me footing by then. I ran westward for awhile until I thought I'd lost them. O' course, I still stayed in the woods, but I saw no other Oserians afterwards. 'Twas maybe... two years 'fore the blizzard eased up enough for me to head westward past the Melting lands towards Norvaskr proper, but by that time, I'd seen northerners back in Valdarr.

O course, I'd been to Valdarr fairly recently, and it was entirely ruined, so it was suprising to see. I'd asked a fellow named Merni where they'd come from, and he'd said Norvaskr. I knew it was still there for a moment, until he told me the heaviest news I'd heard. The city had been buried under the snow, most were dead. I lead my new companions around to some of the oddities of the melting lands, but I ended up injuring me leg in the process. O course, it didn' hurt much at first. I'd had to leave though, and I went westward, to Norvaskr. By the time I'd arrived there was only the very roofs of the broken houses. The ground was so much higher than I'd remembered as well. I went to where my old home lied, and all I could see was a small chimney. There was no way to dig into that much snow though. Surely, she was dead. I remember... sitting there... I couldn't do anything. I was powerless to stop her death, or my father's. There was nothing left for me in Norvaskr. I packed up my things and went back to Valdarr.

Since I'd seen Norvaskr, my leg had been feeling worse and worse. I's not sure what the problem was, but I could barely stand on it anymore, it felt as though it was rotting away, but I couldn' see anything. Luckily I had some companions to help me build up me new house. I'd bought some wood using some of the goods I'd traded away. Luckily, my skills repairing our ship as a ravager helped me here, and I found that I had a natural talent for carpentry and woodworking. So I stayed as in Valdarr for my time. Eventually I had me leg chopped off by a giant butcher not too long ago, thank the five, it was really hurtin. To be honest though, I think I'm better off without it.

I's ended being involved with a set of men known as the Finton's, first getting to know 'em during me cannibal imprisonment. Aye, that's where I lost me leg. I first met Jasper, and although the lad was measured, I could see that he was trying to be a kind soul, but had some darker shite he couldn't handle. I's also met Jasper's brother, Asher, who was a good young warrior. Th' lad had a good sense o' himself, and was not shameful o hisself. I's can respect a man like tha'. If his violence could be directed, he might make an 'alf decent king. I's not one for politics though, but th' lad figured th' same thing. Asher decided to claim himself King of Valdarr. I's was caught in the middle o' th' whole mess when th' bastard asked me to be his Warden. His warden! I couldn't even read or write, let alone lead men. O' course it was Jasper that came with th' offer, and I told him it was stupid as he was if 'e thought it was good. Bastard lashed out, angry as all hell, but it was interestin. I's also refused Asher 'imself later, but I's told him that I's could think the Ravenwood lady would make a better fit.

Asher ended acceptin' her as th' warden, and I offered myself to be the builder, since I'd already been building th' town up till that point. O course, this was after a big scuffle I only learned about later. I's headed off to think. Many things ran through me 'ead, mostly on Jasper. E'd been doin everythin for everyon' except 'imself. Th' lad needed to look out for 'imself, and he needed to throttle his rage. I's 'eaded to the tavern and talked with me good friends Merni and Rowan. When a drahl woman walked in with a heavy drink I swung it down, but I'd been thinkin, bout the lad. He happened to walk in at that moment. I's started a fight with him right there. I's insulted him, his brother, his mother, and anyone else I could think of. It took a lot, but th' bastard let it all out, finally. 'E even tried to stab me with me own peg! We's calmed him down thankfully, and I's had words with him. I told him I'd help him let his anger out in a better manner, I would train a new Ravager.

I's taken a new Ravager under my wing, and 'is brother as well. But there's someone else, a woman, I's need t' do something bout her. Murder? Maybe.

This is his character profile with his history. I will also mention just to emphasize that his raids with his father did involve fighting, assault, stealing, looting, and sometimes killing. He is not one to kill a random opponent though. I also want to emphasize the fact that Rudolf does enjoy fighting and stealing, specifically in the context of raiding. He wouldn't do such actions to most people unless he viewed them as weak and asking for such terrible things for themselves. Since his leg has been injured, Rudolf has been less aggressive. As he learns to cope with his leg, he seeks to make his father proud and have his blood burn as it once did, in the heat of combat.

Characters personal strengths and weaknesses:
Well rounded character balance is a big part of being an enjoyable villainous character. (I.e equal strengths and weaknesses)

Rudolf is strong of spirit and has a history of raiding, and is experienced in this regard. He can fight with two axes and fights like a rabid dog left off of a leash. He won't use many tactics, but will push until his opponent cannot fight.
He has also learned to survive in the wilderness by himself, learning the arts of skinning and woodchopping, making light tents, and using the bow for hunting. This has taught him a small measure of stealth, but only just enough to shoot.
Since his time in Valdarr, he has learned to construct using wooden materials. He can make smaller Knickknacks, as well as larger constructions such as walls and large barrels.

He does not know how to read or write, and cares little to learn. He sees reading and writing as a waste of brain space and time.
He drinks constantly and is addicted to Zavo. He also enjoys his women, and will be easily swayed by someone who can provide him these things.
He isn't a very smart man, and tends to just do what he wants because it makes him feel alright.
He doesn't care for politics, and only wishes for whoever leads to leave him be.
He has a missing leg that was chopped off earlier. He has replaced it with a peg, but it is still a weak spot.

What tier of intrigue are you hoping to achieve for your character, and why does your character deserve that tier?
Please list each tier and a short explanation of why you feel your character has developed some of the attributes found within the tiers.

Scoundrel (Tier 1)
The scoundrel lurks the alleys and back streets of Esna, selling strange herbs and dipping their fingers into onlookers pockets.
  1. Pick Pocketing - Rudolf does not pick pockets so much as punch peoples faces and steal their pants. In all seriousness, the man is not a pickpocket, but he will steal anyone's goods if he's not with his northern brothers.

  2. Sale of Illegal goods/Smuggling - Rudolf has gladly traded in illegal goods. Such was common on Ravager ships. You would raid a town and steal all manner of illegal goods, then sell them the next town over. He would also raid and smuggle goods that were not his own.

Criminal (Tier 2)
The Criminal excels at theft. Burglary and piracy is their speciality. Criminals often make a living at what they do.
  1. Mugging / Assault - It takes a lot to for Rudolf to commit assault against a kinsman, but he does not care for outlanders, and would gladly punch one in the face if he saw it as a way to bring some stuff back home.

  2. Burglary - Rudolf enjoys the thrill of taking another's work at the end of a long raid. When you find something that someone does not need, you can make much more use of it than they, and that only makes sense. He doesn't see it as theft, but as goods going to their natural home, with the stronger people of the North.
  3. Piracy - Aye, this is Rudolf's place. A pirate on the sea, plundering ships and stealing cargo from on board. He's been involved with many acts of piracy in his time, usually under the guidance of the good king Longwinter, but hey, beggars cannot be choosers. He would gladly get back into the life if the opportunity represented itself.
Deviant (Tier 3)
The deviant brings chaos to Esna, often for political gain. Arsonry, kidnapping and raiding are the deviants specialities

This is the tier I wish for Rudolf to achieve so he can start raiding when the opportunity arises.
  1. Kidnapping/Slavery - Rudolf was never one for kidnapping, that was the job of other men. He didn't wish to have to care for and feed another person on board who wouldn't be fighting. Of course, that wasn't to say that it didn't have its uses when a large ransom could be paid.

  2. Inciting Disorder - Rudolf is a man who thrives with disorder. He lives alone and takes what he wants. He has participated in targeted raids designed to create chaos within the nations of the area.

Cutthroat (Tier 4)
The cutthroat is granted the ability to murder and torture out of cold blood. This means they will not require any particular reason for doing so, other than for personal gain.

  1. Murder - Cold blooded murder, it does not come to Rudolf. Hot blooded murder does. When Rudolf the ravager is unleashed, he is unable to stop himself from doing harm to his enemies, and he will not stop upon their surrender. He will spill their blood. He has taken people under his wing, and will kill before they come to harm.

  2. Torture - Rudolf does not torture.

In what way do you believe you can contribute to the server’s roleplay by getting an accepted Intrigue application?
(Only include this if this is your first time making an intrigue application.)

I believe Rudolf can bring back the history of Northern Berserkers and Sea raiders to the people of Esna. He can disrupt the power structures if anyone decides to follow him, or he can even become part of the power structures if kept happy. And if he is kept happy, he is more than happy to do a task or two in a month. When the navy returns to Esna, Rudolf will be the first to build a pirate ship to raid the unfortunate coasts of the continent.

Do you understand that villainous roleplay on the server is taken very seriously, as it comes with a lot of power? And do you understand that doing things your character is not allowed to do may lead to you getting blacklisted from making further villainous characters?

Of course.

Do you also agree to your villainous character permanently dying if killed through roleplay?
(Only applicable for intrigue tier 2 or above, if you’re just applying for tier 1 do not include this)


Additional information:
This section can be used for additional information about the application, if necessary.

Do not forget to look at the history on the character profile page!
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Congratulations! Your intrigue application has been approved.

You have been accepted for Tiers 1-4.

An example of a top quality Intrigue Application. Well done!

You have clearly shown good character development and reasoning for your characters actions, your character now has the ability to kill in cold blood.

Remember to hide your face and be careful out there!
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