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Sep 21, 2017
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On the central board in Valdarr a wooden plank has been nailed to the board. It has exquisite crafstmanship and decorated borders.
*Dictated by Rudolf to his assistant.*
I am a busy man, and so are you!
If you have not time to find me or stop by my store, drop some Kuras in my box
and leave a letter (A comment below) letting me know what you wish!
Goods on offer as follows:
8 Kura: Tiny Barrel for bar (Head sized)
25 Kura: Fence around yard (Customized fence for your house)
10 Kura: Small Barrel (Block sized)
20 Kura: Medium Barrel (Small brewing)
30 Kura: Large Barrel (Large brewing)
5 Kura: Flagon (Placeable head)
6 Kura: Small crate: (Placeable head)
10 Kura: Small Chest (Normal chest)
18 Kura: Large Chest (Double wide)

If you make a request, leave a letter and I'll get back to you on pricing! I can do more than just these!​

OOC: Sometimes its hard to get a hold of me in-game, and this is to help with that. Leave a comment saying you will buy something, then leave some kuras in Rudolf's mailbox. If the kuras add up, I will fulfill your request. I will comment on every completed request to be sure not to double over. If more than one request is made, I will need to see all Kuras before doing anything.