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ACCEPTED Rulls's application

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Sep 30, 2019
Minecraft Name - Rulls

Discord Name - interior#3353
Age - 19

Timezone - EST

Have you understood the basics of this team and the requirements of being in it? - Yes.

]What do you think is the most important to focus on when creating and doing events? - There are a few important aspects of creating and doing events. One of the most important is keeping the audience or players entertained. If you host an event that is poorly written and has no interesting aspects to it, your audience will feel bored, and like the event. Another large aspect of creating and doing events is making sure your audience can interact and be apart of the event. If you create an event that doesn't let the players interact with the actors, it will make the feeling of watching a play, and not being apart of one.

Provide a few examples of events you would create as a member of this team. - The Remembrance of The Dead - This day is meant to celebrate our ancestors that have passed. In this day, people from Downwater would gather in the center of town where a table is placed. On this table citizens of Downwater would bring items to remember their ancestors. People are expected to bring items like flowers, paintings of their passed loved ones, and candles.

When night begins to fall, people can preform shows at the event. The stage will have torches and lanterns on it. At the end of the performances, the select judges will decide who the winner is. The winner will receive nothing, as the event is to show that loved ones are more important than material items.

When the clock strikes midnight, the table will be burned and the dance will begin. Music will be played as food and drinks are handed out. The dance will be called "The Remembrance Dance". This calls the end of the event.


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Sep 21, 2017
United States

Congratulations! Your application has been approved.
You will now have event team permissions.
Make sure to take some peeks at relevant information for the event team.
I will get with another staff member to ensure all the permissions are added to your accounts.
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