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ACCEPTED Rybo's Whitelist Application

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Nov 20, 2015
The Netherlands
OOC Information:

(Please try your best to use proper grammar and correct spelling mistakes. This is a roleplay server and if accepted, writing will be your main form of communication while online.)

MC Username- Rybo101

How old are you?- 15

What is your favorite color?- Orange

Have you read and agreed to the rules?- No, the link is currently not working. Although i will agree with any rules given if fair.

Have you REALLY read the rules? If so which one do you most agree with?- N/A

Are there any changes you would make to any the rules?(if so why?)- N/A

How did you find Tale of Banners?- Planetminecraft


(If you don’t know any of the definitions feel free to look them up just make sure you understand them and write them in your own words.)

What is Roleplaying?- Roleplay is when you write, speak and act as a character.

What is Metagaming?- Metagaming is using external knowledge. Knowledge that your character would not know. Example could be an assasination attempt on the king. Your character would not know instantly unless being told by a messanger. The character can not use this information in RP.

What is Powergaming?- Powergaming is when you do actions which make you over powered. Meaning that you give yourself an advantage. example "I drew my sword and sliced of my opponents head." This does not give the other character a chance to respond and save his life. What should be said is "I drew my sword and aimed at my opponents head." Now he can respond with "I ducked and jumped back. Drawing my sword and waiting for the next move." This is appropriate RP.

What is OOC, IC, and IRL?-
OOC- Out Of Character when you talk or do action that are not related to your character.
IC- In Character when you talk as your character.
IRL- In Real Life when you refer to topics from real life.

IC Information:

(Here is where you actually describe and create your own character. Be realistic! Follow the lore, and make sure your character makes sense and is someone you want to play as.)

Characters Name- Jack Forrester

Characters Age- 25

Characters Race- Human, European

Characters Sex (Male or female)- Male

Characters Biography (This is where you can get creative. Write down your characters story from birth to present time. Use lore and follow the server timeline, and events. Must be a minimum of 2 paragraphs long)- Born in a small town his father John who's profession being a merchant/shopkeeper. His mother Maria who is the daughter of the village leader. They lived in a small home close to the edge of the town. They had a son and named him Jack. Jack always curious started learning from a young age. He learned fishing from his uncle and cooking from his mum. At age 8 he taught basic literacy by the local priest. He worked in his fathers shop which prospered from the young assistant. In the years that passed Jack joined the Town Guard and learned swordsmanship and archery. He was given a horse from his granddad the village leader. He passed the same year. The town's new leader was harsh and cruel. Jack decided to leave with his family in search of a new home.

Character Traits & Ambitions- Negotiator, Trader, Guard. Ambition is to find a new home for his family to live in.

Characters Strengths and Weaknesses- Tall, Agile, Strong, Trusting, Quiet

Characters appearance (Be descriptive)-
Brown hair, green eyes, bearded, Blue shirt, Brown coat.

Please provide an in game screenshot of your characters skin here…..
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